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Using Law Firm SEO For Lawyer Firm Website Optimization

Using Law Firm SEO For Lawyer Firm Website OptimizationLawyer SEO is one of the main drivers of traffic and visitors to the websites of law firms. However, it is not always simple to go about lawyer SEO properly. The legal field is an extremely competitive niche and there are many hoops the experts have to jump through for remarketing their services on the net. Because of the sensitive nature of certain lawyers practicing fields such as criminal law or personal injury law, these firms have to follow a creative and strategic way for attracting more clientele from Google. The good news is that the basics of an SEO-friendly website are constant for all websites.

Significant components of lawyer SEO

Let’s take a closer look at the components needed by a law firm for rising at the top of SERPs.

1. Performing keyword research: Your keyword research is a significant component of all SEO strategies however, it is particularly important for the more competitive legal field. This is so because the goal here is to locate high-search volume, middle to a lower level of competition keywords that are likely to attract more prospects to your lawyer website. There is a common complaint that there are several lawyers out there with their phones ringing off but most of them are irrelevant calls. This happens primarily because of off-base keyword targeting. You need to target the terms that will attract people that you wish to work with by being more specific. You may even use keyword research tools to find the right ones.

2. Website designing: The overall structure of your website and its ease of navigation play a significant role during your law firm SEO. Any site that loads fast and is intuitive can make it easy for the visitors to locate all the info they are searching for. It also means more crawl ability and several clients for your website. While setting up your site, you have to develop it with lawyer SEO in mind right from the start. It is a good idea to work with a site developer that is aware of lawyer SEO and can design a Google-friendly website for visitors. You need to get a high-quality website designer that is aware of all good SEO practices and can build a website that is quick and user-friendly.

3. Authority and branding: One of the components of any SEO-friendly lawyer firm website that very rarely gets mentioned is branding. There are a huge number of competitors out there and you need a strong brand for standing out in the crowd. It means investing in top-quality photography, professional logos, and attractive sites. Branding also involves establishing brand colors and fonts, and the content you use on your website. Cohesive brand messaging and visual branding helps in setting your law firm apart from your competitors. It also builds your authority in your specific niche as an experienced and professional law firm.

4. Technical SEO: Technical SEO means all the inner work of your site that keeps it running smoothly and keeps it available for crawling by the search engines. You might have the most attractive website together with great branding, however; if it is not structurally sound you will find it tough to rank in SERPs. Users may also face a difficult time navigating through your site. You will need an intuitive URL, fixing all the 404 pages, submission of sitemap to improve crawl ability, enabling SSL, ensuring that the site is mobile-friendly, and set up Google Analytics and Google Search Console for attracting users to your site.

5. Content marketing: When it is time to write content for your site and posting it on your blog, keep in mind that it is not sufficient to only publish and pray for the traffic to come in. You are going to need a multi-channel marketing strategy for achieving the most out of your content. You can share your important blog posts across social media or send them to your email list. It is also possible to re-purpose all your content in a form of a YouTube video or you may reference it in paid ads. There are several ways of sharing your content to access a greater audience. A good part of this is that all legal content doesn’t have to be boring. You can publish interesting content with an eye for optimization.


Although the law firm SEO is quite competitive, as far as lawyer SEO is concerned you must have gotten rid of some of the guesswork involved in optimization of your website for different users and Google. Always keep in mind that lawyer SEO is one of the better ways of driving more traffic to your website. It is always a good idea to get this right from the word go. There are many finer points you need to consider as far as technical SEO and other SEO aspects are concerned. If you live in Clearwater & Tampa, FL area, be sure to get in touch with ISEOU Company for professional assistance.

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