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Google For Your 2021 Marketing Strategy

Google For Your 2021 Marketing StrategyThe 2020 holidays are over and we are into 2021 and it is time to concentrate on what you can accomplish in terms of SEO this year. With some luck, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic will gradually lessen as we move ahead into 2021 and things will return to normal as days go by. One interesting thing to note here is that despite the advent of coronavirus, several businesses had a good year in 2020 and are looking to keep the ball rolling. But, many businesses also had to take a step backward and they will be looking to gather some momentum especially in terms of SEO going in 2021. Here are some Google elements you will have to focus on for 2021 SEO.

1. Update the Google My Business pages

The significance of Google My Business pages cannot be undermined. You need to claim the GMB page, get it verified, and complete the required information on priority. If you have a webpage and it is not verified and completed it is incomplete work. Similar to SEO, you must check in on the page regularly because there are many alternatives provided by Google that can be taken advantage of. It is a good idea to add images and posts here often similar to those on Facebook and other similar channels. The GMB page decides how you will show up in local searches. It is fast becoming as significant as the site SEO therefore, give it due attention to ensure that you are achieving the greatest degree of benefits from it.

2. Maintain your website SEO-optimized

SEO affects all search engines, not just Google. However, several studies have indicated that the percentage for Google use is around 87% therefore, it is a good idea to keep focused on Google. If you are doing the right things for Google you are likely to perform well for the remaining 13% as well. Website SEO is not a one-time thing. Google constantly makes changes to its algorithms and this decides where your website is going to show up in SERPs. The SEO experts are constantly studying these changes to keep on making small corrections at the back end of the site to keep them optimized. If you fail to make these tweaks to your website there is a probability that the SEO performance of your site will come down over time and the speed of this degradation depends on the change in the algorithm. Due to this, you are constantly required to ensure that you are providing Google the right material for the site to rank well.

3. Using Google reviews: There are never too many good reviews and Google reviews are worth a lot. Although it is good to have positive reviews on Facebook and Yelp, none of them have the potential to impact the SEO ranking like Google reviews. It is worth considering the efforts required for creating a system where you get consistent reviews on Google. You need to make things simple for the users. Send them emails with links to the Google Review pages. It reduces the hassle they have to face for leaving a review and they are more likely to provide one. Positive reviews are similar to money in the bank that is going to pay a dividend for the future. Therefore, never overlook this significant marketing strategy.

Keep in mind that these are just some of the ways of getting your marketing efforts moving in the right direction for 2021. These key elements do not require you to spend thousands of dollars for advertising and yet can have a significant impact on the visibility of your business online. There get these foundational elements right by using professionals such as ISEOU Company for your marketing efforts especially in Florida.

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