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Local SEO – address consistency

LOCAL SEO ADDRESS CONSISTENCYNo business can survive with any aspect of its administration in a state of confusion. That being said, if you don’t have consistency regarding your business’ information such as address-phone number-website URL across all business directories then you’re going to lose traffic, customers and revenue.

Local SEO must include local business directories, and local business listings. Without them, you’ll lose attention and much more. There are hundreds of such venues and you’ll have to either input your data manually or have a script or something that inputs your data across venues. This is all well and good, however it’s not perfect and errors can occur to the point that one site with your data doesn’t coincide with other sites, even your main one. When that occurs you’ll need to get busy and correct the situation and do so quickly. Read more…


Welcome To #ISEOU Where Your SEO Dreams Come True

If you’re looking for an affordable SEO, (Search Engine Optimization) company, then look no further than right here at ISEOU.
Yes, I, SEO, You. Clever isn’t it?
#ISEOU is the expert #SEO company for small businesses. At #ISEOU we take meticulous care and effort to ensure your hard earned dollar brings in the results your small business needs. We employ state of the art technology and the industry’s best techniques to engineer a SEO campaign for your business. We consult with the client and get right to what the proper keywords needed will be. ISEOU then has its staff of pros construct the right campaign according to the client’s budget. It’s all hands-on as ISEOU so that the client doesn’t have to worry about what is going on nor has to break a sweat doing anything other than checking their statistics regularly for results.

ISEOU just doesn’t do #SEO for online, but offline as well. Making their services well rounded and cost effective across the board.

ISEOU offers SEO in Clearwater, Clearwater Beach and Tampa FL

If you’ve a small business in the Clearwater, Clearwater Beach, or Tampa, Florida region, ISEOU is practically right next door to deliver the products and services you deserve.
#ISEOU is committed to getting those high traffic keywords and implemented strategies that get results. ISEOU is aware that there are many SEO companies out there that just want your money. ISEOU is honest, responsible, and reputable, with years of successful service to clients.
Once again, ISEOU provides both on and off page SEO services for small businesses.
Packages range from $170 per month to $550 per month and there is no contract. The packages include everything needed for a professional, effective, Search Engine Optimization campaign. As compared to our closest competitors, SEO companies from Eastern Europe, in-shore US based companies are a way more secure and confident way to promote a business online.
So don’t hesitate to get your small business noticed the right way with the professional services at ISEOU.

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