Important Considerations When Hiring an SEO Company

Important Considerations When Choosing an SEO CompanyWhen you’re looking at SEO for the first time, it’s easy to become confused. There’s a certain level of skill required to implement it on your website. It’s also important to have enough time to spend on putting together a good solid SEO campaign for your company. This is why it’s a good idea to hire a SEO company who understands your website and its special needs. As you search for this company, there are some things you’ll want to remember.

Be Willing to Spend Money

SEO is an investment and you should expect a large ROI. As such, you shouldn’t be afraid to choose a company that charges a bit more money but make sure they’re not going to lock you into a 6 – 12-month contract. Unfortunately, most of these companies will deliver fast results and then forget about you. Some of them even use black hat methods so their work is done fast but this will get you punished by Google while they get away with it.
You can’t expect to know exactly how much it will cost to get the results you desire either. An SEO company can’t even tell you this up front because every website is different. Don’t let this sway you from getting quotes though. You’ll at least know who’s coming in with too low of a bid to prove useful.

Be Willing to Invest Time

Having a timeline is important – especially for the first three months. You’ll need this amount of time to see any results and you’ll also want to know what the SEO company is doing to get these results. Usually this will consist of a standardized process they’ve slightly altered for your website. Besides having this in writing make sure you follow up to make sure there aren’t any issues.

Be Firm About Having Your Needs Met

There are two things you should require of your SEO company:

  • Monthly reporting is vital in that they tell you about your tactics’ success. Reports should also be available when you need to see what’s going on in between the monthly reports. In these reports you’ll find the company’s insights and explanations of the results.
  • Backlinking is an essential process for off page SEO. While this part of SEO has changed a lot over the years and will continue changing, but the fact remains that your website needs backlinks. There’s no magic number here, but the number should grow each month. This is your opportunity to build relationships with other relevant, high authority websites. Beware of any company who offers you an obscenely high number of backlinks though. They’re probably using black hat SEO tactics and this will get you penalized by the search engine. When this happens you’ll have a whole other set of issues to deal with.

Last year, over 60% of companies outsourced their SEO work to an SEO company like I SEO U. We understand how to implement the correct strategies to get your website listed where it needs to be in the SERPs.

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Use SEO to Dominate Your Local Rankings

How to dominate local SEO search rankingsLocal SEO is one of the SEO best practices that businesses are really starting to use today. This is because they’re taking notice of how many people are using search engines when they need answers or to find a business in their neighborhood.

Regardless of the size of your business, you need to take some specific steps to help you with these rankings.

Google My Business (GMB)

This tool is often overlooked but Google uses it in its local SEO results. Since every business qualifies for one, you should claim yours then optimize it to its fullest.

This means making sure it contains your:

  • Business name
  • Contact number
  • Social profiles
  • Address
  • Logo
  • Hours of operation
  • Photos of your business and its products and services
  • Reviews

When you include all these things your customers can easily access your business’ information. Your business also has a better chance of being at the top of the SERPs when customers search for places “near me.”

Mobile Optimization

When Google introduced its mobile-first index a business’ need for a mobile-friendly website grew. Without a fully optimized mobile version it’s now unlikely you’ll reach the first page of their SERPs. Some things you need to look for here include:

  • A load speed of 2 – 3 seconds
  • A user-friendly website design
  • No popups
  • No flash
  • Concise content, titles and meta descriptions

On Page SEO

This is the process of optimizing your content for three things relevance, quality, and keywords.

Keywords are the most basic, but most essential form of optimization. You’ll want to include enough of them for Google’s crawlers to pick up your site’s relevance for certain search queries. Although this has been around for as long as SEO it’s growing much more temperamental with age. Now it’s more important than before to not oversaturate your content. Of course, too few keywords and your competition will come out ahead.

It’s also important to remember Google’s Hummingbird algorithm update made it so that other things besides page ranking (e.g. local SEO) were important. These things included high quality, valuable content that provides information to your readers. It must be naturally optimized for your target search term because this is the type of content that your audience and Google crawlers are looking for. This means that you don’t want to create spammy keyword-saturated content. Doing so could result in your website being penalized.

Local Links

Link building helps increase domain authority and trust. However, this only works when your links are valuable – meaning they’re legitimate, relevant and valuable for your reader. These should come from another local business with high-authority when you’re working on your local SEO. They help Google realize and understand how important your business is to your community.

Regardless of the size of your business, you need to use local SEO today. However, this can be somewhat tricky to do since there are some specifics you must understand and follow. Let ISEOU help you put these things to work for your website so you can work your way to the top of Google’s SERPs.

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Watch out for These 6 Types of Negative SEO

6 Types of Negative SEONegative SEO is a daunting threat because unfortunately it’s easy for your competition to ruin your ranking today. Understanding how this is defined will help you gain a better understanding of how your competition can hurt you. Essentially this is a set of off-page activities that will lower your rankings in the SERPs. Sometimes hacking your site is also involved but this is a rare exception. Regardless of how it happens, your SERPs will suddenly drop. This is why it’s so important to understand the 6 main ways this can happen.

Link Farms

A few spammy links won’t hurt your site’s rankings but links from a lot of link farms using the same anchor text or niche keyword will hurt you because it looks like you’re manipulating your site’s profile. It’s important to spot this early on by regularly monitoring how your link profile is growing. Fortunately, there are tools like SEO SpyGlass that can help you here. Tools like this will help you identify any spammy links and how much damage they can cause so you can take steps to rectify this issue.


Your competition can also ruin your ranking in the SERPs by scraping your content and copying it to other sites. Google will find this and only rank the original piece – unless they find the “stolen” version first. This is why Copyscape plays a major role in combatting this negative SEO “technique.” If you find that someone has copied your content you should ask them to remove it and if they don’t, make sure you fill out Google’s copyright infringement report.

Forceful Crawling

Some desperate website owners will engage in a form of negative SEO whereby they forcefully crawl your site. This causes such a heavy server load that Googlebot won’t be able to access your site for a few times, which means you’ll be de-ranked. So, if you notice that your site is slow or unavailable you should contact your host or webmaster right away so they can see where the load is coming from.

Modifying Your Content

Although you think you’d notice if someone changed your website’s content, when it’s done really subtly or using the “display:none” HTML attribute it’s difficult to spot. Sometimes this isn’t as subtle, and an attacker will modify your page so it redirects to theirs. This is mainly done on sites that enjoy high authority and link popularity. It isn’t a temporary inconvenience for you though, especially not if Google finds out. To avoid this type of negative SEO you need to conduct an audit on a regular basis.

Getting Your Site De-Indexed

Adding a disallow rule in your robots.txt may cause Google to ignore you, which can wreak havoc on your entire SEO strategy. Check your ranking on a regular basis – either daily or weekly. If you notice a sudden drop in the SERPs across a large number of keywords you know you’ve either been penalized or de-indexed, which is something you’ll need to correct immediately.

Hacking Your Site

Even if the hacker isn’t after negative SEO it can still hurt your SEO because Google is adamant about protecting its users. If they suspect a website was hacked they’ll either say so or de-rank it and people won’t click on it then. This is just another reason why your website’s security should be a high priority.

When you need help with negative SEO reach out to us at ISEOU. We have years of experience helping brands like yours overcome these things. The key here is that they can overcome them but you need to reach out and let us start this process today.

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Where Most People Mess up SEO

Things Most People Get Wrong About SEOThe search engine optimization (SEO) space never grows dull since you can always learn something new here – updates, tricks, and ideas to incorporate into your campaigns. This industry continually evolves so nobody ever knows everything there is to know. However, the fundamentals do remain the same as everything else changes and grows. Most people don’t know how these work though because of the myths that uninformed people circulate. Understanding these myths will help you understand the concept’s simplicity.

It’s Easy

Some people insist that SEO is so easy that anyone, even the most inexperienced person, can do it. Unfortunately, this isn’t quite true. What is true is that you can learn a lot of concepts in a short amount of time but there are so many variables to remember that it could take you years to do so.

It’s a Gimmick, Trick, or Scheme

Some people’s conversations would make you think this is a gimmick. They often present it to you in a sequence of tricks designed to help you rank higher in the SERPs. When done ethically, you can’t game your way to the top of Google. True, organic improvement to your website comes from providing website features and content that your visitors find important. Spam, hacks, and short-term tricks won’t do this for you.

It’s too Technically Advanced for the “Normal” Person

There are a lot of technical components to SEO (e.g. robots.txt file editing, canonical tags) that look intimidating, but you can learn these in just a few hours – even if you don’t have any coding experience. Everything here is very learnable if you have a desire to master it.

Link Building is Similar to Spam

Many people will try to convince you that link building is nothing more than spam. However, this isn’t true. Link building is only spammy if you poorly execute it without any strategic planning. Those who really know how to do link building well know that it isn’t about getting your link on as many off-site pages as possible. Instead, it’s about creating relevant, valuable content that people want to read. You can then include natural, informative links within that content that will give you a boost in SEO since your website will be seen as relevant. When you do this, you’re adding value to the web. A fortunate side effect of this will lie in giving your own domain authority a boost too.

Google Penalties are a Major Threat

Some people write about Google penalties in a way that makes you think they’re handed out quite frequently. In reality, Google usually only penalizes people’s truly egregious behavior, which is something most webmasters know to avoid anyway. Of course, you will commonly see automatic penalties and temporary ranking drops, but these are far less severe. If you know and follow Google’s best practices, you don’t have anything to worry about.

You Don’t Need to Spend Much Money on SEO

Many newcomers think that the less money you spend on SEO the better you’ll do. Unfortunately, a low budget usually means amateurish work and minimal strategic execution. Since you don’t want to sit back and watch how this impacts your website, you should find a more cost-effective strategy to get a higher ROI here.

Keeping up with this industry is interesting even though it’s time consuming. When the interest pales in comparison to the learning curve, it’s time to reach out and hire a professional to take care of this part of your business for you. This is something we enjoy doing at I SEO U. We look forward to disproving misconceptions and improving your SERPs today.

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Adapting to SEO’s Continual Changes

Why SEO is an Ongoing ProcessOver the past decade, some people have claimed that “SEO is dead.” In reality, only the traditional ways of doing things are dead. This is because this form of marketing is continually changing and it always will be. Nevertheless, there are still a lot of opportunities for anyone who wants to successfully market their business in this way. There are a few things you’ll need to know along the way though.

Nobody is an “Expert”

Most people view SEO professionals as being trustworthy, confident, knowledgeable, and dedicated. However, this is usually a façade since most of these professionals are too busy to work on their own self-confidence. In fact, some of these professionals will even go so far as to tell you that they’re not really an expert – they just make things up as they move along. When you stop and think about it, this makes a lot of sense since there’s no concrete roadmap available here. Practitioners have simply learned how to adapt to whatever gets thrown at them. This is proven over the years as they’ve been told that implementing various tactics will increase a website’s rankings and visibility but ultimately these tactics don’t hold true to their promises.

Old Strategies are Dead – New Challenges Lie Ahead

  • Although promises obviously hold no weight, there are still some important parts of SEO that marketers need to pay attention to, including:
  • Google has introduced a variety of SERP features over the past two years. This has resulted in organic results getting fewer clicks.
  • It’s getting harder to find new organic results for certain queries. This is why it’s becoming common to see a SERP that only has two ads, one Knowledge panel, related searches, and a total of 6 websites. (In the past, there were always at least 10 available.)
  • A growing number of search queries are featuring snippets in their SERPs. Marketers believe this will grow as Google continues to revamp their featured snippets and implement new ones too.
  • Recently Google increased the length of meta descriptions from 150 to 300 characters. This may pose a threat to SERPs in the near future.
  • Google properties now own a large part of the SERPs in niches like travel, shopping, and videos.
  • Voice search is on the rise today. Marketers believe that it will consist of about 50% of searches by 2020.

Seizing New Opportunities

Even with all of these potential threats, SEO is still a good way to invest your marketing budget. After all, search volume continues to grow even though people are clicking on less of these searches. There’s also no doubt that Google is still the top source of traffic online today.

With these things in mind, there are some opportunities you’ll want to take advantage of, including:

  • Featured snippets have lowered organic click-through rates, but if you get this position you’ll also get a lot more traffic – including a massive amount of voice search opportunities.
  • Google’s “People Also Ask” results are expanding. It’s important for websites to be optimized for these questions.
  • It’s important to implement AMP regardless of what type of website you have. This will help increase traffic.

While many parts of SEO remain the same, others continually evolve as Google learns how to give its visitors the best search results possible. It’s important for your business to keep up. Since you’re already doing a lot, you’ll want to hire a marketing firm with proven results. I SEO U will help your business adapt and stay ahead of its competition. With over 20 years of experience we’ll help you seize the moment and bring great returns to your business.

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Why Speed Matters to Your Website

SEOWhy Website Speed Matters is difficult to understand but with Google continually adding new factors in how they create their SERPs, it’s growing even more difficult. Now things like speed and mobile-first indexing are playing a large role in your ranking. This is because Google recognizes that 53% of users abandon a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load – something that shouldn’t surprise you considering we’re living in a time when efficiency and ease of use are important everywhere. Search engine users will definitely see it happening online as well in July 2018 when a new update will place emphasis on speed.

Preparing for the Need for Speed

This is something Google has been discussing with Stone Temple Consulting for over a year now. They’re ranking sites based on mobile experience because 55% of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices. When your site displays the same content on both desktop and mobile nothing will change unless your site is slow. However, if your site has less content on its mobile site you’ll see a negative impact on your rankings. This is why it’s important to make sure that your mobile experience is as good as it can be.

For this to happen you need to make sure that your website is responsive. Simply this means that your content needs to be able to be displayed on all the different types of devices that exist today. Failure to do so will have a major negative impact on you in the SERPs once all these changes are rolled out. However, this isn’t all bad news. Since Google understands that not everyone can fix things right away they’re offering tools that will help you map out and track your progress here.

What This Means for WordPress Webmasters

A lot of webmasters are still using WordPress today even though its code is so bulky due to continual security and performance updates. It still functions well enough to support more than a quarter of all the world’s websites today though. However, it doesn’t load very fast because it has so much content that’s run by complex plugins.

WordPress is working hard to steadily improve its load speeds today. They’re currently working with Google to create updates that bolster functionality and diminish load times.

Tools to Help you Improve Your SEO Ranking

There are several tools that Google is giving web developers.

One is the Speed Scorecard. This is a simple tool where you enter your domain’s URL, hit search, and you’re told how long it takes to load your home page. You’ll want to take time to check it out against your competition to see how you’ll do when it comes to SEO.

Another tool Google is giving webmasters is the impact calculator, which is also found on their Speed Scorecard. Remembering that traffic translates to revenue, this tool will show you how much money you’ll lose if you rank worse than your competition.

With all these tools, you’ll have some help keeping up with everything. This change in Google’s algorithm will definitely have a major impact on your SEO ranking. Nobody knows exactly when that will be though. Nevertheless, when you stop to consider how important all of this is, you can understand why you want to hire a company who can take on this full-time job for you. ISEOU has over 20 years experience in this industry so give them a call today.

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Understanding the Difference Between AdWords and AdWords Express

Google AdWords vs AdWords ExpressToday you’ll find a world full of options available for your internet marketing. You can’t even turn to Google for a “simple” solution anymore. Now even they are offering you an option – AdWords vs. AdWords Express. The choice isn’t as convoluted as you might think, once you have a firm understanding of both of your options.

Introducing Google AdWords

Google’s online advertising platform, AdWords, help you get your business’ advertising online and in front of your customers on Google. With it your business can reach out to either a large audience or a very specific audience and share your message. You don’t have to make a minimum spending commitment. Instead, you’re in complete control of your own budget. It is important for you to take the time to make the effort required to set up a complete account. You’re rewarded for this by seeing better numbers across the board. However, there are a lot of small things you’ll need to do here that you won’t do with AdWords Express.

Introducing Google AdWords Express

AdWords Express is your other online marketing option with Google. Here you can quickly and easily get your account set up and your marketing campaigns running so your business is discovered on Google. Typically, smaller companies use this platform because they don’t have the resources or knowledge to properly run Google AdWords campaigns. Here Google essentially has control over your account so you only have to concern yourself with your budget. This is ideal for companies that can’t afford to hire a digital marketing agency and need to get their online marketing campaigns moving quickly. After all, it can take you years to actually understand and master AdWords, which can be quite costly. So, while this is an easier option it’s important to understand that you don’t have much control over your account and this can lead to less appealing results than you were actually hoping for.

Deciding Which of These is Right for Your Business

Most of the small businesses that are trying to successfully market themselves online today will benefit the most from using AdWords Express because of its simplicity. However, if you want to maximize your revenue and ROAS (Return on Advertising Spending) this isn’t your best option. Of course, these are things you can worry about later, allowing you to use this option for as long as you have to. You don’t want to stay on this platform permanently though. Doing so will limit the ways you can target your audience. As such, you’ll miss out on other ad formats that could greatly benefit your business.

Sometimes it’s challenging to know what’s right for your business even though you now have a better understanding of these two programs and what they can do for you. After all, this isn’t your niche which is why you should turn to ISEOU for some help. With over 20 years of experience in this niche, they can guide you down the right path to the marketing that will work best for you.

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Page Speed, an Essential Ranking Factor in 2018

How Mobile Page Speed Will Affect Your Rankings in 2018In 2017, Google announced that website speed will be one of the most important ranking factors in its mobile-first index, as more than 50% of searches are now done through mobile devices. Obviously, webmasters had to adapt to this, making their websites as fast and accessible as possible. Or, if you prefer, put some serious effort in mobile SEO.

And the trend continues in 2018.

Over the past years, we were ‘warned’ several times that mobile will somehow take over the world and now we’re seeing this happening. Yes, desktops are still being used a lot, but smartphones are becoming more and more advanced, packing enough processing power to fully replace PCs. Actually, we have small computers in our pockets, so we’re using them for all possible tasks.

In this case, you should be aware of one important aspect: if you want to keep up with your competitors, you need to make sure that your website loads fast. After all, a visitor has an attention span of just three seconds. At this time, your site needs to load and convince him or her that it’s worth scrolling a bit.

Ok, but how can I improve website speed?

Ah, good question. The good news is that it’s far from being rocket science since there are a few easy things you can do and end up with a speedy website.

Activate AMP

Since Google insisted with page speed that much, it would’ve been weird if they didn’t provide some tips on how to improve it as well. Thus, the AMP project was born, in order to give the web a nice speed boost.

The search engine giant provides all documentation on how to implement Accelerated Mobile Pages on your website, but you can also do it through a plugin if you have a WordPress-based website. After this, those who access your website through a smartphone or a tablet will see a simplified version of it, containing just the essential information. But man, that page will load fast!

Start using PHP7

Sticking to websites built upon WordPress, another essential recommendation for those looking forward to improving website speed is to consider using PHP7. Most websites are relying on PHP 5.2 or 5.3, which relatively slow versions.

One of the aspects that make PHP7 so special is the fact that it’s fast. The developers worked to refactor the PHP codebase, in an attempt to reduce memory consumption and increase performance. And guess what? They did an amazing job with this, as benchmarks show speeds twice as fast as on previous versions.

See how quick your pages render

A lot of webpages have elements that block them from rendering quickly. Going a bit into technical details, the critical rendering path consists of an object, like CSS and JavaScript, which needs to load before the content is shown on your screen. If this content is blocked, your page will load very slow or won’t load at all.

Start with running a PageSpeed Insights test and observe those elements preventing a page from rendering quickly.

These are just a few things you can try in order to improve website speed and expect some very quick results. However, you need some technical background if you want everything to go smoothly. Or you can leave it to ISEOU.

Thanks to the experience acquired after years of providing high-quality SEO services to small business, they can take meticulous care and effort to make sure that your website is as fast and responsive as possible, offering a top-notch user experience. And we all know that a great user experience can directly affect revenue!

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How Can Local SEO Fire Up Your Link Building Campaign

Local SEO: How to Start a Link Building CampaignOne of the most important parts of an SEO campaign is building backlinks, as they play an essential role in improving a website’s rankings. However, when you’re optimizing for a local business, the process is a bit different…

Generally speaking, link building consists in obtaining backlinks from high authoritative domains. As many as possible, that is! However, this way of thinking might not always be that relevant for a local business.

A local backlink is created with the intention of building relevance for a website towards its locality. Besides this, online marketers also focus on correcting N.A.P (name, address, phone number information), as well as building up a list of citations and creating hyperlocal content, as part of a local SEO campaign.

Completing all these…tasks will establish a presence within the SERPs for local terms and the organic search results for geotargeted keywords.

Ok, now that we’re all aware of the importance of local SEO, let’s see which are the first steps we should follow in order to build some valuable backlinks for a local business.

Citations are essential

Building citations, alongside finding general directories and checking you are currently in are some great starting points. You’re basically placing your name, address and phone number – NAP information – on various websites and put down a link as well, without looking like you’re a spammer. And these various websites can actually be seen as relevant results for specific searches, as long as the query is low enough in competition.
Basically, by building citations you’re putting your business’ name in as many sources as possible.

Start finding link opportunities

Some people say that local SEO is not that beneficial, as the links might not look natural. Let’s say that, in some way or another, this is actually true. But this is where creativity comes in, as link opportunities are much more limited since you’re trying to rank well for hyperlocal keywords which usually get a lot of search volume. And you’re trying to do something with websites with low authority…

In this case, you need to start looking for link building opportunities where you usually wouldn’t for a regular, not-that-local website.

Start with local newspapers or media outlets, reach out to local bloggers or event pages focusing on what’s happening in your area. Local businesses with a partners/businesses we love page can lead to some great backlinks as well. Finally, don’t forget about charities or foundations, as they will always be happy to link back to you in exchange for a small sponsorship. Again, it’s all about creativity.

Analyze your competitors

There are several backlink analyzing tools which can give you valuable insights on how your competitors managed to obtain some valuable local backlinks.

The idea is simple: make a list of competitors and see what backlinks they have acquired in the past. Compare their backlinks with your current link profile, remove all the backlinks you have in common with them and go after those you don’t have but your competition does.

If all these tips sound great, but a bit hard to implement, you can leave it to ISEOU, as building local links and taking your website to the top of the first page is just one of the things they’re great at. Make sure you contact them and see how you can conquer local SERPs together!

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How Email Marketing Can Improve Your SEO

How email marketing can boost your SEOPerhaps you know that organic search is the best way to drive more traffic to your website. But, have you ever thought of another way that is close to organic search? Email marketing. Yes! That is what am talking about. Even though it looks like it doesn’t have any link with Search engines such as Google, there are still ways that if you apply, then you’ll increase your website rank. Here are several ways that email marketing can help boost your web traffic:

Create an archive of email newsletters online

Did you know that email newsletters carry a wealth of targeted content that you can put it to use by archiving on your website so that you enhance your website SEO? You can choose to post the articles as a single content or create PDF files for your newsletters and host them on your website for Google Search Engines to index them.

Develop a Strong social strength

Links that have a lot of social activity rank better in Google search. The higher the number of times people share your content, the better your social signals grow. Ensure you include the social network buttons in all your email marketing ways so that followers and subscribers find it easy to share your content. Add blog post links in your newsletters so that you encourage your subscribers to share them.

Request for Reviews

The number and quality of reviews your site or company has online directly impacts your local search ranking. You need to make everything easy for clients to review your site. Having good quality reviews boosts your website traffic.

Reduce bounce rate

If visitors come to your website and then leave immediately, that is called a bounce. It tells Google that the visitors haven’t found the right information they were looking for. Having a low bounce rate enhances your Website ranking. If you want to know your bounce rate, use Google Analytics.

To reduce your bounce rate, ensure that you create high quality, and engaging content for your landing pages. Your email list must be full of people who have shown an interest in your website. It can be through signing up for your newsletter, downloading a free e-book or report, etc. To have a healthy list, include a visible unsubscribe button in each email.

Long-term development

Email marketing gives you some vital statics related to engagement which can help you boost your SEO campaign for the future. For example, you can tell how your choices in specific content topics impact your open rates or use an email newsletter to find out which of your articles are popular. When you have this information with you, you can proceed to create better content that appeals your followers.

Tips for success

Besides the above advice, keep in mind the following tips for great success in email marketing to boost SEO:

  • Focus on value
    Avoid forcing your readers to take a specific action. Just focus on providing content that they will find valuable and useful to read.
  • Don’t spam
    Spamming subscriber will result in them unsubscribing. Limit the number of emails you sent.
  • Measure everything.
    Ensure that the email platform you use gives you insights in the way your readers behave and engage with your content. You need to be able to see the open click-throughs.

Email marketing alone can’t boost your SEO campaign. Google does not crawl emails like SEO, neither will email marketing campaign directly influence your site’s ranking in any way. But, email marketing can impact the behaviours of your audience such as making them comment on your content, share it or link to it, which later affects your website Google Search rankings. If you have problems with your site ranking, consult today with SEO professionals at ISEOU to help you fix out your problem quickly.

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