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How to Make Your E-Commerce Portal More SEO-Friendly?

How to Make Your E-Commerce Portal More SEO-Friendly? A sizeable proportion of e-commerce site owners and administrators have been at a loss to figure out as to why their portals fail to attract the desired volume of traffic. In the cut-throat online realm of commerce and trade, you always face the risk of going out of business if your e-commerce outlet (as contrasted with the brick-and-mortar shop) fails to attract a minimum number of users on a continual basis. There’s no gainsaying the fact over 50% of global commerce now happens on the Internet. Every user or visitor who logs in to your website could be a potential buyer of your product or service and the more traffic your site attracts, the more opportunities you get for converting the leads into long-term customers.

The following are some tips on how to make your e-commerce portal more SEO-compatible and responsive.

  1. Make good use of product reviews: If you sincerely wish to hold on to your existing customer base and at the same time attract new customers, then surely tag reviews about the product or service you offer. That essentially implies that you should include unbiased and honest product reviews offered by existing customers. Let visitors to your site gain a fair idea about the quality of the product by letting them check out the customer reviews, feedbacks, and recommendations. Amazon, right from its inception saw to it that each and every product (or service for that matter) that it featured, came with candid reviews and recommendations from users or consumers. Bear in mind that prospective online customers nowadays give more or less equal weight to personal recommendations (from relatives or friends) and product reviews.
  2. Content devoted to product description should be exclusive: As a merchant or trader, nobody else has a better idea of what your product is all about. But will you be to create content (describing your product) in a manner that enables your e-commerce site to improve its ranking whenever Google or Bing goes on an SEO drive? Having a thorough know-how about your product is one thing but articulating or expressing that wisdom in words to make the description SEO-friendly is a completely different ballgame. Don’t settle for stock reviews or descriptions but endeavor to post 200-300 word narrations that elucidate the product uniquely.
  3. Make headers or titles unique as well: Making the header or title of the narrative or account detailing your product should be catchy and exclusive as well. Keeping the title unique is important because search engines analyze particular landing pages’ content before according to a rank. Simply avoid copying titles or headers that have become trite or hackneyed.
  4. Content should be optimized for pertinent search attempts: Uploading creative content or title specifying the product features won’t serve the purpose if users or prospective consumers find the description incomprehensible. Don’t forget to include product names or brand names, model numbers in the title tags, image alt-tabs, and meta-descriptions to make it easier for search engines to figure what you’re offering.
  5. Content should serve as an efficient spokesperson: Apart from the content in the specific product pages, the content in the ‘about us’ page or ‘home’ page should be such that search engines or users will be able to relate one web page with the other.
  6. The URL should be SEO-friendly also:  Including the name or category of the actual product in the URL will make it convenient for search engines to bundle your portal with other similar URL links.

In this respect, it is essential that you maintain a judicious balance between making the site attractive enough to lure visitors and keeping it SEO-friendly. Focusing intensively on keeping the e-commerce site functional and user-friendly for visitors, paying scant attention to how to make the online platform more acceptable to search engines, could prove to be damaging as far as attracting new customers is concerned.

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