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The Need to Maintain Harmony between SEO and Content Marketing

The Need to Maintain Harmony between SEO and Content MarketingColumnist Trond Lyngbo is an online promotion specialist who likes most other search engine marketing specialists, instinctively feels that maintaining the perfect balance between SEO and content marketing will help in the creation of user-friendly web pages. Simply put the combined or collective potential that can be tapped when search engine optimization works in conjunction with content canvassing are much greater than the accomplishment if each works independently or singly.   Lyngbo never tires of telling those who contact him for his recommendations on SEO that this web-based tool can buttress and add to the effectiveness of any organization’s content promotion team. His advice is repeatedly sought on as to what should be the modus-operandi of the coordinated working strategy of content marketing and search engine optimization teams.

Working in cohesion early on is crucial

Collaboration between the teams should commence well in advance, well before key decisions with respect to crafting or create content for marketing. SEO specialists and experts are acutely aware the search engine maximization drive is not simply about finding the relevant keyword or keyword phrase. By that same token, content promotion or marketing doesn’t only imply developing product or service-specific blogs or articles orientated around search engine compliant keywords that’ll entice more and more users to log in. Getting to know your customers and establishing a lasting business relationship with them should be the reason d’être or rationale behind the analysis of keywords.

To be a little more specific, the prime objective of keyword analysis should be to become acquainted with each and every customer on a profound level. In other words, SEO strategies should be framed in a way that incorporates the problems, worries, preferences and needs of clients on a personal level. Instead of hurrying to craft content from scratch customized around keyword or keywords, you should introspect on the purpose or essence that underscores such forays. Think deeply on questions like, what are your potential buyers or customers actually looking for or what do they really need?  How can you (through your product or service) help solve their issues? Are you able to comprehend and empathize with their circumstances or situations after they mention their problems?

Rather than focusing single-mindedly on brainstorming rich content interspersed SEO keywords, try to develop content that mirrors your prospective customers’ interests and preferences. If you’re successful in doing so, your chances of attracting more traffic (which means more effective leads for converting into clients) will go up several notches.

Capitalize on content to forge relationships

Of course, the content of the webpage or webpages devoted to the product or service should clearly describe the same without compromising on keyword density. But the overarching aim should be to establish a personal rapport with the prospective customers. It should not happen that in your obsessive endeavor to frame pertinent text, you make the subject or content so abstruse that the users or potential clients find it too difficult to comprehend.

The content should reflect that you have the sagacity to understand and identify with their problems even if they haven’t expressed it clearly. Every web page should be informative providing relatable details regarding your product or service or about a subject, problem or solution. The basic or fundamental goal of any SEO or content marketing technique should be to have text that has a recall value.

Seamlessly marrying content marketing with SEO can be miraculous

Your single-minded focus should be on marrying SEO with the content advertisement. If you’re successful in doing so, users or visitors to your site will consider you to be a genius. Even though your customers or users may consider you to be a magician, you’re aware that there is no magic involved here but intelligent and sagacious SEO scrutiny. You examine the keywords used by visitors and examine analytics data to determine the amount of time spent surfing on your site.

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