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SEO And The Statistics That Matter

SEO And The Statistics That MatterIf one has spent a considerable time applying SEO to one’s sites and blogs, it is imperative to check the metrics and statistics that offer value to the overall SEO campaign. Some stats and metrics are more important than others and some will bring about a good argument among SEO pros. Therefore, it’s important to look at what stats and metrics are of the most value.

First of all are your standard traffic statistics. Within these you’ll know how many visits, page views, sources of traffic, and more. You’ll also see search words and phrases that your site is being recognized for. Here is where one had better pay attention. Let’s say that one’s main keywords are ‘fishing supplies’. Ranking high for those keywords is an uphill battle unless one expends considerable amounts of capital. So, one is sitting there one day and sees that one’s stats have shot up. Where’s the traffic coming from? Why is the traffic rising so much? One then checks the detailed stats and finds out that one’s main keywords aren’t the reason. Perhaps it’s one’s location or a specific product or brand name on one’s sites that has suddenly gained attention. If so, then capitalize on it, make more pages with those keywords and add more content to one’s blogs or add more videos and pics tagged appropriately.

One has to be on one’s toes in this regard or great opportunities can be missed.
Social media statistics and metrics are of significant importance. Likes, shares, comments, inbound links, all pile up to traffic and interest to your site. Google now wants sites that are alive, that show interactivity of value to the surfers. Getting inbound links and commentary from these venues grabs Google’s attention. It says your site is active and part of the everyday chatter of the public. This can breed a large amount of organic traffic to one’s site. This is where stats and metrics come in so as to reorganize the site to take advantage of such traffic. Organic traffic can be as good as gold, but it needs to be deciphered and optimized. If one’s getting tons of organic traffic from a specific Facebook page, then visit that page and comment so that more people engage. Always add your URL and contact information and if possible, mention discounts or other goodies. That will fire things up quick and you can see in your stats and metrics if it was successful and to what level of success.

Stats and metrics can be fun. Don’t underestimate their value and don’t let it bore you. There are numerous statistics and metrics programs out there. You want an easy to read but full comprehensive data. Some stats programs can be like video games, designed such as to make the chores of statistics analysis more fun.

One’s SEO expert will gather statistics and metrics from a variety of sources and try out new programs and can sometimes mod those programs for greater efficiency.
Treat no positive stat or metric with disdain. Positive indicators are a doorway to greater efficiency and profit. They’re sort of like jewels in the road of one’s journey up the search engine rankings.

Finally, a good word to the wise is treat upward statistics and metrics as a way to meet a new friend or customer. Treat a downward statistic or metric as a diagnostic clue as to what to fix. Both are invaluable and following these guidelines will bring better results overall.

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