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Contractor SEO And NAP Consistency

Contractor SEO And NAP ConsistencyOne of the top requirements for a contractor business to do well is to ensure that your contact information is consistent, accurate, and prominent. This is all a part of the contractor SEO process that is the talk of the community in recent times. Keep in mind that it is imperative that your NAP information or Name, Address, and Phone Number is accurate and has the same format and spelling in all the places where it appears on the internet. The obvious places are Bing, Yahoo, Google Maps, and near me searches for the contractor websites. Here are some tips to ensure that you have got the NAP consistency right.

Consistency in a company name

The full name of your company must be consistent. In case you have started as M&M Roofers but have later evolved to Am & Am for some more conservative and local circles, it might cause some issues to the future customers. In case your business is listed as M&M on different platforms such as Google Business or elsewhere on the web then it is likely that you are going to miss out on prospects because not only are these potential clients confused so is Google. You are required to maintain proper consistency on the board. Compare both new and older listings to have them on the same page.

Address needs to be perfect

Your company address needs to be the same all the time. You must stick to a single way of writing it on social media pages, websites, email blasts, local business listings, and contractor review sites. If you always spell the word street in the address it is a good practice. If you are in the habit of using SW in your Maps then do not have Southwest in the Google Business listings and not in the others.

Phone numbers

It is important to record your phone number in a way that is the same for all the business listings, social media, websites, and online directories. This has to be maintained everywhere you appear on the internet and carry this over to the publications and print media. It doesn’t matter whether you are using 308-555-5252 or (308)-555-5252 or 308.555.5252. All that does matter is that you are using the same format wherever and whenever you are listing it.

The appearance of your website

You have to be consistent about how you are going to list the URL for your site. When you are using HTTP:// then always list by using this format. Keep in mind to display the NAP info prominently in the header of your landing page. It must also be present in the footer. Similarly, ensure that the NAP info is in text format rather than within an image. This is because Google requires the NAP to be in text format. It is not only critical for the clientele who many times visit the site just for this kind of info. However, having your NAP info in these places is significant for your contractor SEO. If a client searches for roofing repair in Seattle your business needs to appear.

It is extremely important to have NAP consistency, especially for the local contractor SEO. The customers looking at the info must lay hands on consistent info in the listings. There are many resources available online that teach you more about better contractor SEO practices and other marketing strategies for your company. However, none of them are as refined in the skills such as maintaining NAP consistency as ISEOU Company especially when your business is located in Clearwater, FL area. You will get an abundance of tips for having other right stuff regarding contractor SEO.

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