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Using Twitter In SEO Strategy To Dominate SERPs

Using Twitter In SEO Strategy To Dominate SERPsTwitter can be useful if you are trying to displace the effects of negative content and develop a strong identity for your brand on the internet. It is one of the most powerful tools available for proactively managing your reputation online and engineering your brand identity. If you research on the internet you will find that many top brands will show their Twitter page on the first page of SERPs for their name search in Google. It is applicable for both individuals and companies alike because it is an excellent promotional and brand-building tool. Here are some easy tips to get Twitter showing in the eyes of Google.

1. Have a few hundred followers: Although the number of followers is not a key criterion for having a carousel of tweets, it is important to have interactions with other tweets. If you do not have followers it is tough to get these interactions. Followers can be developed by following the various accounts that talk about a common interest. You can return the favor by following the people that follow you and interact by using other tweets.

2. Use Twitter consistently: It is one of the key factors to tweet consistently. It is no use to tweet in a huge burst and then go dormant for weeks and months without visiting Twitter again. There is a “recent” component in the Google algorithm for the carousal of tweets. So, if you stop tweeting for some reason after achieving a carousel the ranking may go down again. It is a good idea to tweet a few times during a day typically during the business hours as others are more likely to see these contributions.

3. Discuss trendy topics the audience cares about: Using twitter is the chance to get the attention of a new audience. Ensure that these tweets reflect your personality of being trendy, interesting, and timely. Apart from being trendy, you should make sure that you are sharing content relevant to the audience. Always remember the daily challenges they face, their key responsibilities, and the things happening in the industry.

4. Raise the engagement: It means that many times you need others to interact with your Twitter account. This is not possible if you are just tweeting the self-referenced content such as sales announcements. You need to adopt the practices for tweeting about things that are of interest to the audience as well. You can reply to the things others have tweeted about by incorporating the things that are happening around you. Better engagement results from better interaction. You should not sit away from the audience and send out announcements and backlinks to your blog.

5. Talk about popular events and use trendy hashtags: Interaction and engagement with people that are passionate about specific topics is a fast-track way of getting Twitter interactions. You can go through the popular hashtags displayed by Twitter every day and check out if you have anything to say about a niche. Sports events, conferences, and concerts many times have custom hashtags for people discussing the relevant things. If you are involved in these events you can get easy interactions with the others using the same hashtags.

It is not too difficult to get a Twitter carousel in the Google SERPs however, it is tough to maintain it. But the effort is worthwhile. These Twitter carousels provide a large spot on the search pages for representing yourself and establishing a respectable and credible identity. This is a useful tool for businesses and individuals alike. For incorporating Twitter in your SEO strategy you can use the services of pros such as the I SEO U Company if you are operating in the Clearwater, FL area. It will help you in your brand-building efforts.

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