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Internet Marketing Lead Generation During COVID-19 Pandemic

Internet Marketing Lead Generation During COVID-19 PandemicHistory has indicated in the past that the events that cause negative impact globally lead to positive changes after the crisis is over. The COVID-19 situation has probably changed everything in your life and you are worried about how your business can survive as you are trying to keep connected with your audience at the moment. You are also looking for a new lead generation strategy right now so let’s look into the best lead generation practices that can be employed for the new normal.

1. Optimization of your website: Perform an audit of your site and find out where the online traffic and outreach is coming from. Try and add lead generation forms to the high-traffic pages for achieving greater quality leads.

2. Use the marketing automation platform more: It is the right time to take a closer look at your contacts database and make use of the marketing automation platform for improvement in lead generation.

· Lead scoring for nurturing existing clients: Although lead scoring is fundamentally used for scoring prospects, it can also be used with the existing clients for deciding how ready they are for an up-sell or cross-sell. You may send educating and relevant content to them informing them about your extra services and products to determine which clients are engaging with your content and are ready for an up-sell or cross-sell.

· Re-engaging the inactive clients: Make use of the marketing automation platform for setting up custom triggers that are capable of identifying inactive users. If a contact has not been engaged with your website in a while, your marketing automation platform can send an email to this inactive user with offers of a free trial or early access to the newer products, etc. for re-engaging the inactive customers.

3. Refining content marketing: You can conduct a content audit and fill up the gap in the information by using innovative and informative content ideas that are useful and engaging to the audience. Your content can be fueled by using marketing automation for delivering the right content to your clients as per their stage in the purchasing process.

4. Generating digital marketing content: For reaching out to your audience at this juncture you need to up-lift your digital marketing footprints. The following resources can be used for enhancing your lead generation efforts.

· Webinars.
· Virtual events.
· Videos.
· Chatbots.
· Podcasts.

5. Target the cold calls by using your digital marketing team: You can always use the conventional sales-driven cold calls for your internet marketing efforts. Larger companies and family-owned businesses have managed to generate leads by using this method for several years and it works. While working with the digital marketing teams ask them to re-adjust the cold calls for a more focused campaign than just replacing them. If this is implemented properly, you can target the clients well rather than using the usual hit-and-miss method.

6. Develop a digital marketing plan that performs: Customer funnel is a sure way of putting the digital products to use during the buying process of the customers. The conventional call center practices and upper funnel activities aim at the audience to draw them in. The lower-funnel activities on the other hand encourage retention and engagement. Here are the things you need to look at for the revamped digital marketing efforts.

· Creating awareness and branding.
· Keyword research.
· Using PPC ads, SEO, and re-targeting.
· Get the customer’s attention.
· Achieve conversions.

7. Leverage the increased use of the internet in your favor: People from across the world are suddenly finding themselves thrust into a work-from-home environment due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many businesses are facing this challenge as the work-from-home conditions make reaching the decision-maker all that more difficult. There are outsourced sales teams available these days and the call centers of various organizations are armed with different digital marketing tactics. You can find greater use of the internet in the form of LinkedIn, Facebook, content marketing by using blog posts, multi-touch email cadence, and development of search scripts by using traffic data and keyword research. You can use your CRM software to keep the call center representatives updated with information.

All the internet marketing teams are trying to make sense of this new world order. They are trying to adapt to the changing environment and boost their digital marketing efforts by using the methods listed above to come out of the crisis all guns blazing. If you are in the need of assistance with your internet marketing efforts in the Clearwater, FL area get in touch with I SEO U Company.

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