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How To Use SEO To Double Your Website’s Traffic

How To Use SEO To Double Your Website's TrafficWhen your business’ website isn’t receiving as much traffic or visibility as you want, it’s time to reevaluate your search engine optimization (SEO). Things like inadequate optimization, poorly written content, broken links, and redirects will lower your ranking. There are several strategies that you can incorporate here to fix these issues.

Conduct a Thorough Audit

This will highlight your website’s performance and what’s hindering your organic search visibility. These issues may consist of:

  • Not having your Google search console set up so you don’t know if Google is having difficulty crawling and indexing your website
  • Having too many links to spam sites (containing malware or spam) or only for link building
  • Broken links and 301 redirects
  • Website performance (oftentimes caused by outdated plugins or having too many of them that clash or large, uncompressed images) and site speed effect your website’s rating
  • Having a website that isn’t mobile-friendly or responsive
  • Your business’ NAP profile (name, address, phone number) isn’t consistent
  • Missing accelerated mobile page (AMP) versions
  • Keyword cannibalization (splitting up content onto two pages that should be on one) is viewed by Google as two different pages who are in competition with one another for rankings

Pay Attention to Your YouTube Videos

Making educational videos for YouTube is beneficial if you link them to both your YouTube account and your website. Otherwise you’re missing out on valuable SEO traction. To improve on this there are a few other things you can do as well:

  • Edit your YouTube videos’ description so they include the relevant pages on your website that each of the videos relates to.
  • Make sure you’re using the correct keywords in a way that helps you move up the SERPs. In doing so you must follow a few simple rules. You want to make sure that your primary pages always target your primary, high-value keywords. This will leave you with secondary pages that should also include keywords that are related to the products or services you offer. Now you’ll also have some tertiary pages for your long-tail keywords (keywords that are three or four words long).

Maintaining Reviews

When you get any type of online review your business must respond to it. This is important because customers rely heavily on the information in these reviews to choose which business they want to work with. By promptly replying to any reviews you receive, especially those that are left on Google, you’ll increase your SEO. Don’t forget about sites like Yelp, Amazon, and Angie’s List too though.

Managing Email Campaigns

Having a strong email campaign will also help you increase the traffic to your business’ website. There are several types you may engage in, including:

  • Lead magnet emails whereby you give away some type of content (e.g. ebooks) that your clients will find useful
  • New lead emails are a great way to help new people become familiar with your company and how you do business – videos are great for this too
  • Capture review emails will help you take advantage of past clients once their transaction or interaction with you is complete – this is a great way to ask them to leave you a positive review to help drive even more traffic to your website


Taking these steps will boost your business’ marketing, increase its traffic, and help you turn leads into clients. This will require an investment of time. While this is worthwhile, you may not have the time. If this is true, make sure you talk to I SEO U as they can provide you with these highly desired results as they’ve helped many others in the past.

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