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Tracking Google Algorithm Updates for Making SEO Strategy Effective

Tracking Google Algorithm Updates for Making SEO Strategy EffectiveGoogle, the world’s most popular search engines release nothing less than 500-600 algorithmic updates every year. However, it is not possible to keep track of all Google algorithm updates but neither is it necessary. You need to be in the know only about the ones that matter and thereafter use these to maximize your SEO strategy, for instance, the Panda, and the Penguin 4.0 and Possum that were released in September 2016. Apart from familiarizing with the major updates, there are other tips you can take advantage of in order to make your online marketing technique effective.

Why Keeping Track of Google Algorithm Updates Matters?

As a net-savvy businessman or working professional, you’re fully conversant with the significance of keeping up and grappling with Google algorithm updates. The SEO promotional approach that you undertook about 5 years ago might have worked wonders for your e-commerce website catapulting the portal to almost at the top of the first SERP of Google. However, that online optimization strategy is not paying off anymore simply because you didn’t restructure the approach in line with the changing algorithm updates and allowed it to become obsolete. Being cognizant of the current important updates goes a long way in making necessary adjustments with respect to your SEO plan thereby helping you to hold on to your ranking or improving it.

Consider Other Factors As Well

However, Google algorithm updates are not everything when it comes to honing your SEO approach. If traffic to your site has decreased abysmally of late, it could be that you’re not blogging as frequently as you used to or maybe you haven’t revamped the site in order to make it smartphone-friendly. Algorithmic updates have the potential of influencing your business prospects but there is host of other factors that can adversely impinge on your digital or online canvassing plan.

Keeping Track of Google Algorithm Updates

You should not only be familiar with the process of tracking updates rolled out by the world’s most followed search engine but also should be able to figure out which ones matter the most. Google algorithm updates are always trending on the following sites:-

1. MozCast

MozCast has an extraordinary way of informing everybody about what’s trending in Google with respect to algorithmic updates. Its overview page nearly resembles the web page of a weather forecasting site. So, if you spot signs of tempestuous or stormy weather or a day with extreme temperature variations, you could decipher that Google is too caught up with the updates. So instead of getting lost in the world of murky and cumbersome fine details, you can bank on stormy or calm weather to keep track of what’s cooking in Google.

2. MozPro

This is one website that keeps you posted on each and every algorithm update released by Google. The dates of the releases complete with info regarding the changes and hyperlinks to articles of Google (about the updates or changes) are posted.

3. SEO Book

The SEO Book serves as a repository as it has been archiving Google algorithm updates starting from 2013 till date. You can visit the site even for getting a preview of the updates that are in the offing. All updates, major or insignificant are indexed by year, month, and day (or date).

4. Panguin Tool

Penguin is a free-source assessment tool that helps you to compare and contrast the updates vis-à-vis traffic to your site via Google Analytics. Penguin is a user-friendly tool that lets you know if your SEO approach is not in consonance with the latest updates.

5. Rank Ranger

Rank Ranger is another reliable site that offers a synopsis of every update on its home page rendering it convenient to scroll up and down. You can also the slider on the sidebar that gives you an overview of past updates (tracing back to 2000).

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