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Repairing Those SEO Losses

Repairing Those SEO LossesSo for a while your site was gaining momentum on the search engines. You had done all you could and ere in it for the long term. Those efforts turned into an upward curve that led the site to the top or near top of the SEs. That’s great SEO work but nothing stays the same and now you’re wondering why your statistics have dropped and what to do to repair your SEO losses.

Well, there’s usually more than one reason for a loss in ranking. It could be something you’ve overlooked or a change or two you’ve made that compromised your site’s authority and standing. Here’s where you have to do your detective work and get to the bottom of things. You need to look at your site from a new viewpoint and look at the fundamentals to see if any have been compromised. The minute you detect anything out of the ordinary, repair it immediately, don’t sit around trying to rebuild Rome, get busy building up the foundation on which your site rests. If that doesn’t fix the problem then you know you have to work on the other things that makes a site rank higher.

First of all, content. Is your content fresh or the same drivel that you’ve put out week after week, month after month? If so, it’s more likely that people have gotten bored with your site and are looking elsewhere. Remedy: Put out better content and do so regularly. Copywriting is the key. Far too many webmasters and marketers try going cheap here and when it comes to quality content, Google’s algorithms can tell the difference. Hiring people from some third world writing mill is like committing suicide. Their skills are marginal at best and one mistake can lead to Google sidestepping you and visitors and customers ridiculing you to no end. So create or buy quality content, it’s an investment in the present and future.

Expand your presence via social media. You must have a social media campaign that is active and lively. Not only that , it must serve the public. People have to feel like you are the ‘go to’ person regarding your products, services, and industry. Give out freebies and discounts if possible and let people know that it’s a good idea to tune in regularly for exclusive deals that won’t be announced publicly. In other words, if they’re not checking your site regularly, they’ll miss out on the specials. When you have a special, leave it up for 24 hours and take it down. Then post how those that didn’t move fast enough missed out on the deal. You might offer a ‘late date’ deal where people can get the freebie or discount but they have to add a link to your site, sign up for your email list or some action that adds authority to your site. Quality authority links are part of your linkbuilding strategy so don’t sneeze at this. You might also ask a top notch authority site to publish your special deal announcements in exchange for affiliate revenue exclusive to them. Anything helps here.
Same goes for videos and pictures and graphics. Make good use of your YouTube channels and update videos for your social media groups.

Talk to the big boys on the block. Be part of their lives and adventures. The top people in your industry that engage the public want that interaction from people who boost their popularity. Be something they get addicted to. If you provide cheerful and supportive communication on their social media and message board pages and blogs, the people reading will want to see more of what you have to say. The bigger company might even hire you to post or provide links to your site.

Don’t forget to expand on your products and services niches. Cover every aspect of your business and build pages just for them. Make sure your site is upgraded to the latest mobile friendly strategies and again, put your personal and location information on each page.

After a while you’ll see improvements that are gradual and something you can sink your teeth into.

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