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Why Consistency Of NAP Is Important For Local SEO

SEO NAP consistencyBrand consistency is crucial irrespective of whether you advertise online or on TV. You should be using the same colors, slogan, and logo to let your audience recognize you easily. It increases trustworthiness among them. Thus, focusing on NAP consistency becomes essential for your local SEO as well as E-A-T. Let’s learn more about these acronyms and why NAP consistency affects your marketing efforts.

Defining SEO. NAP and E-A-T
Although you might have come across the term SEO, i.e., search engine optimization, the other two terms might be new to you. While SEO is the art of optimizing a website to appear higher in search results pages, the other two have their relevance. Name, Address, and Phone Number or NAP have to be consistent across the internet for your business.

Similarly, E-A-T or expertise, authority, and trustworthiness are essential for any business today. We would like to be an expert and a trusted source in our industry. When you keep these things correct yet straightforward, not only your customers but Google, along with other search engines, will stay happy.

Why Is NAP Consistency Important For Local SEO?
Online business listing has always been an integral part of the digital marketing strategies of a business. They serve as backlinks for your website that endorses it, and search engines pick these endorsements. But it’s essential that all such blessings need to offer the same information about your business.

Usually, any SEO strategy for a business listing targets Google My Business, Yelp for Business, and Bing Places. All listings need to be the same as the other and match other listings or social profiles that you have created. Such listings must align with NAP information that you have featured on your website.

You might wonder why it’s important? The answer is simple! When searching for any information, customers prefer having exact, accurate, and relevant information about a business. Inconsistency in NAP information over the internet decreases the trust factor among search engines, and they might not trust the information you have shared. Such cases will make it difficult for any business to appear in the search results for the locally-focused queries. NAP consistency checker is an essential tool that can help you in checking if your website abides by the required standards

How is NAP consistency Important for the E-A-T of Your Business?
Inconsistency in NAP, as discussed above, can hurt your local SEO as search engines would never be confident about the information you have shared. Such instances create a trust deficit, and your business listing suffers. You also have to display E-A-T to the target client or customer. NAP inconsistency adversely impacts the possibility of acquiring a customer. Such experiences can create a negative image for your business and leave your customer frustrated.

For instance, think like a customer, and when you call any business and learn that the number is incorrect or out of service, it could be frustrating.

How To Ensure Consistency is Maintained with Your Business’s NAP?
Consistency is one of the key takeaways from the things we have discussed above. You don’t have to use the exact name of your business featured in the business license, but whatever you published has to be the same across platforms. Some common questions that you might answer to evaluate if you have been consistent with your name are:

  1. Is the business LLC? Would you like to include LLC in the business name?
  2. Is there a unique character, ampersand, or within your business name? Which is the common name you will be using for your customers? Never use them interchangeably.
  3. Does the business name include a comma? You may choose to keep them or leave them but whatever you do has to be the same everywhere.

In addition, it’s essential to be clear as to how you would like to list your business address. Is there a suite number? We recommend spelling out abbreviations such as “Suite” instead of “STE.”

Search engines intend to provide their users with relevant and valuable information. Consistent NAP information across the internet means they are more likely to reward your efforts. NAP consistency checker can be used to check if your website has integrated and maintained consistency as required.

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