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The What And Why Of Local Content For Small Businesses

How to Create Meaningful Local ContentThere’s no doubt about it, local SEO is a challenge to all small business owners. This is because there are so many questions surrounding the topic: What is it? Why is it necessary? What should we do with it? How do we create it?

Who Local Content is For

It’s been said that local SEO and local content are for everyone but the small business themselves and this is true. Your customers get an education, those you get your products and services from receive data, and those who take an active interest in your business (e.g., reporters, industry professionals, influencers) get what they need to promote your business. These are the people that your small business needs to create local content for. This is also why you don’t want to create noise and share unhelpful content. Doing so will only make local SEO much harder and people will find it challenging to work with your small business.

How to Create Meaningful Local Content

There are several things that meaningful local content contains. These include:

  • A purpose that shows customers how much time and effort they need to invest in your content and why they should do so.
  • Creating fascination is important. Research shows emotion drives attention. So, the more emotional your message is, the more attentive people will be.
  • Local content should be both clear and concise because this content will make it easier for your customers to decide if you’re what they need.
  • Share a compelling reason why clients should buy your products or services.
  • Make sure your address and phone number are clearly marked for anyone who wants it.

Unfortunately, most of the local content that small businesses create doesn’t meet these criteria. To attract attention to your business you must create layered, in-depth, comprehensive content. This is why local SEO is more challenging than creating and maintaining a Google My Business Page. However, there are numerous ways of achieving this. Some of the various types of local content your small business should create include:

  • Google My Business listings
  • Google My Business local packs
  • Reviews on both mainstream (e.g., Google, Yelp, Facebook) and specialist outlets (e.g., ZocDoc, TripAdvisor, Avvo)
  • Reviews from local influencers
  • A consistent NAP on your site and anywhere else it appears online
  • Location-specific social media profiles and listings
  • Local advertising and press coverage
  • Viral content
  • Blog posts
  • Participating in local events
  • Guest posts on local business websites

Putting it All Together and Making it Work for Your Small Business

All this local SEO work probably looks quite daunting right now. You may be wondering if your small business has the time to accomplish all of these things. However, the fact is if you have time to invest in marketing your business you have time to create this content since doing so is pretty straightforward. There are two things you must remember here.

Take Time to Educate Your Audience
By educating your audience you’re attracting their attention. People are naturally curious and want to be entertained. Education not only entertains people but also draws their attention to your brand. Spend time talking to them about their issues or fears and you’ll have their attention.

Take Time to Inform Your Audience
When you spend time informing your audience you’re converting their attention to your business. You’re also dealing with their questions, fears, and objections. This is also your opportunity to tell your audience about things like your hours of operation, refund policy, and other pertinent details about your brand.

The Next Step

Creating this content is actually an opportunity in disguise. Instead of seeing this as a headache or another list of tasks your business must perform, look at the power that you have in your hands. Understanding that you have the key to unlocking SEO and driving more organic visitors to your business is pretty powerful.

Now that you see what local content can do, it’s time to get to work. Your customers are out there, they just need to find you and they can with our help. At ISEOU Company in Clearwater, FL we’re well versed in the tactics and strategies that are needed to give your site a real boost in the SERPs. Contact us today. Local SEO is our pleasure.

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