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Significance Of H1 Tag For SEO

Effect of H1 tags on SEOThere has been a lot of discussion in recent times, about the creation and use of H1 tags in website development. Several SEO experts adhere to the idea that although the H1 header tags mattered in the early 2000s, Google has made certain newer recommendations about how to use the H1 header tags. It is a fact that Google has indeed described a few changes to the significance of the H1 tags but, the real shift is in how we use them.

How many H1 tags are on a web page?

First thing is, how many header tags should we have on a web page? You can use as many as you want because, there is no specific limit, either upper or lower. Your website can rank for one or five H1 tags. Google doesn’t have any issues with having multiple H1 headings. During the earlier part of the 2000s, Google used these tags as a clue for deciding what the page was about. It used the content on the page’s top as the most significant consideration. This was an old way of understanding the content till the Hummingbird update came about in 2013. Google gradually shifted towards a more natural use of language. The famous search engine has learned ways of understanding the topic and relating it with the search queries that do not have a perfect structure in terms of the language used.

Effect of H1 tags on SEO

The new way of how Google will read and comprehend the content without the use of an H1 tag having the keywords affects the way you are going to write the tags. The page can rank even when you are using a single H1 and H2 tags or multiple. The only reason for having them is to communicate the topic of the content on the page. However, although there is no direct impact on the Google ranking, it is significant to make it relevant and develop an easy reading experience for the users. Most SEO experts recommend the use of a single H1 header tag on the pages that make things clear to the reader about the purpose and title of the web page. Google has not said that this is a bad practice or anything similar. They are just saying if you need to use more of them, you can. No need to use them mandatorily.

Using H1 tags today

In modern times, the use of H1 tags is different from what was practiced during the earlier part of the 2000s. Nowadays, Google is ranking content and not just the keywords. It takes a closer look at the entire page and not just the keywords in the header tag or the content on the page top. As Google is not matching the keywords in the same manner as it used to, your content has become more significant for the site. The development of robust and full content is significant for achieving a higher ranking and greater authority for the site.

Google has these days learned how they can understand the topic and relate the topic with the search query without having a perfect structure. If your business operates from Pinellas County, FL area, and you are looking for help in building your website content look no further than I SEO U Company for every aspect of building a site.

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