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Significant SEO Tactics During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Significant SEO Tactics During The COVID-19 PandemicWhen the COVID-19 appeared for the first time everyone was surprised and frightened. As its economic impact has started to become clearer most companies are in risk management mode and have begun reducing the costs. SEO hasn’t got hit badly thanks to the efforts of people working in digital marketing. More organizations are investing more and more in SEO. If you have some extra time on your hands at the moment due to the COVID-19 pandemic and are looking for some quick SEO gains here are some tactics you can follow right now.

1. Post the content your target audience is looking for at the moment: Although your organization may be in a survival mode at the moment you will need results quickly. If you cannot spend much on PPC you need to focus on content marketing and SEO. For achieving quick results the best idea is improving the existing content to cater to the potential clients right now. This is working well at the moment.

2. Keyword research: Get the content items that are performing well and check which queries they are ranking for. Use the data you can get from Google Trends, Google Search Console, Ahrefs, SEMrush, Moz, Scout Suggest, etc. Collect all these queries and analyze how they are performing and split them into queries that are ranking on page 1, queries that are ranking on page 2, and queries that are ranking on pages lower than the first two.

3. Improve the existing content: When you take into consideration the first-page ranking content, you will find that just some minor tweaks are required to move up a few spots or win featured snippets. It is a bit tougher for the second-page ranking. You might be required to add certain sections to the existing content or develop a separate page for the same. The targeting queries having specific content can win featured snippets. Add useful FAQs to the content.

4. Create short-form content for the long tail queries: To incorporate lower search volume queries you found out while doing keyword research write short-form content. The independent search volume for these queries is not too high but their combined search volume and lower competition make it worth pursuing.

5. Implement the FAQ Page Schema Markup: This is the time to get creative and mark up the content by using the Schema type FAQ page. It allows you to extend your snippet substantially along with the FAQ box. Remember, Google is quick to pick up the implementation of the markup so this will get you results fast. This implementation is not too difficult however, if you do not wish to write JSON-LD code by yourself you can use a tool for it.

6. Create new and more relevant content: If you can create new and more relevant content it means there are more chances that it gets picked up and drives traffic to your website quickly. Some companies have created a big list of tools that offer specific COVID-19 SEO deals. Invest in creating content that your target customers will look for even after the pandemic is in control. The content will not lead to a surge immediately but you will observe a consistent growth with this kind of content when you are maintaining it well. This type of investment will start to deliver ROI later on. Normally this work will create the content of the types, statistics, resource pages, glossaries, tools, and eBooks.

As you can imagine the SEO tactics will change and what was once acceptable will not be the same. In the event, you are not certain about the SEO strategies you need to adopt, get in touch with professionals such as I SEO U.

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