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SEO Copywriting Tips For Better Content Management

SEO Copywriting Guide: Tips to Improve Your ContentIf you look carefully, you will not find a site that is delayed due to technical reasons. The coding generally doesn’t cause delays. It is always the content. Everybody thinks that they can write content until they are presented with a page for writing. The people working in your company may be subject experts but that doesn’t mean they can adhere to the copywriting deadlines. Keep in mind that copywriting is difficult. And SEO copywriting is even more intimidating. However, novice writers will do well to keep in mind these simple copywriting tips.

1. Target just two or three keywords or keyword phrases

Several new copywriters working in the field of SEO commit the mistake of targeting several keywords and keyword phrases for one copy. When you are targeting more than a couple of keywords or keyword phrases the content will appear to be scattered. The best sales copy is always the one that is focused. The longer keyword phrases that target several keywords end up in a copy that doesn’t hold the interest of the reader. A copy that is not focused never moves the readers in the right direction viz. conversion. Keep in mind that the search engine robots and website visitors both have been able to decide the context of a page. There is no need to emphasize the number of words. The length of the post is not an issue. A longer copy is terrific for the people looking for more info but if the visitor has already completed the research and is ready to buy, it might be counterproductive.

2. Break the copy into smaller chunks

Large walls of words are intimidating for a web page. If a visitor is faced with a page that is nothing but a lot of text it can put him off. The visitor might even leave the page as a result. It is a good idea to use graphic elements such as pull quotes, numbers or bulleted lists, and ample images. Webmasters are capable of turning intimidating walls of content into attractive pages that will convert the prospects into buyers. There are several examples of pages going from non-converting ones into sales machines just by a few adjustments in formatting. The reluctance of the marketers to place images on their pages is baffling. Having images of smiling and happy people generally increases the conversion rates.

3. Keep track of the use of keywords

If you are trying to watch your weight, you need to track your calorie intake. Similarly, you need to keep track of the keywords while writing copy with a focus on SEO. Be aware of how frequently you are using the keyword phrases within the copy. There is no specific limit on how many times you must use keywords for a copy. The new SEO content writers tend to stuff the text with keywords. It does not read well and appears more like repetitive catalog entries. The content must make sense to the end-users and it must appeal to the search engine robots. However, it doesn’t have to be telegraphed. Generally speaking, it is a good idea to use the targeted phrase a couple of times. But sometimes it is okay to add it a greater number of times.

4. Read out the copy loud

If you are in doubt read out the text loudly. This is done not necessarily as a way of making it better but it must be good enough. When you are reading out the copy loudly, it helps the Webmasters and SEO specialists in understanding the different flaws in the copy. It is not possible to fit a square peg into a round hole. The same things apply to targeting keywords on a page where the context is not matching the intent of the targeted keyword phrase.

You can take simple steps for content management as an SEO expert and content writer to ensure that the content is SEO-friendly. There is no need to practice for years to make these steps perfect. You need to test constantly and realize whether the search engines are understanding the context and users are taking the desired action. If your business operates in Clearwater, FL area, you may wish to get in touch with pros for this. One of the best places to reach out is I SEO U Company for expert guidance.

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