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Search Marketing Apart From SEO

Search Marketing Apart From SEOSEO and search marketing were two synonymous terms used together since the initial launching of search engines way back a couple of decades ago. But things are different nowadays. If you do not take into consideration the search part from the SEO, that internet marketing strategy you are using is likely outdated. It also means that you are losing out on significant conversions and clicks. However, this is not to say that using SEO practices for search engines is not significant but the search has evolved and SEO is only one portion of it. Here are some other things to consider.

Search apart from Google

Google is by far the most dominant force in the search area. However, things are beginning to change slowly as the tastes and requirements of different consumers evolve with time. DuckDuckGo managed to dominate headlines recently because of its focus on privacy. They have several articles providing tips to internet marketers about small SEO differences that are specific to Yahoo and Bing. However, it is not about the disruptors in conventional search. Consumers are asking more questions by using a wide range of platforms and services that do not exactly fit search engine labels. For instance, MS Cortana, Amazon Alexa, or even Pinterest are some examples.

The rise of image and voice searching has got customers both asking questions and discovering brands about existing favorites in newer ways. It means companies have to embrace best practices that will help them discover exact info when a customer asks a direct query about a brand in a way similar to having a conversation.

How to build a search strategy?

All this begins with developing a knowledge graph that can be a part of the overall search strategy. For truly utilizing these tools called AI-powered discovery service, your business must be capable of storing your facts first. They have to be mapped to one another in a way that allows these services to read and understand. It is the first step to leveraging AI for a MarTech stack and being able to answer sophisticated queries at all places where consumers search. This may appear like a complicated idea however, it is an idea all brands can take advantage of pretty easily. You can find info about building your knowledge graph online.

Your website must work for and not against you

What is the place customers are searching for more than ever? It is your site. However, many businesses are not able to answer straightforward questions even through their search options. It creates a negative experience that bounces off prospects from your site over to Google again where they can easily get caught by your competitor. Keep in mind that your site is the only safe place for you. If you are not monitoring search queries by customers on your site, you have already lost in terms of the overall search strategy. Remember, clients that search on the website are extremely valuable and provide almost twice as many conversions as those who just browse through.

Point is that you need to build a website with more than SEO on your mind. Three search-related objectives should be on top of everyone’s mind. Capturing traffic with higher intent, delivering answers in a non-conventional search experience, and providing a fabulous search experience on your website that can get your valuable customers. If your business lies in Clearwater and Tampa Bay, FL area, get in touch with ISEOU Company for a free consultation.

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