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Law Firm SEO vs. PPC – Which is better?

SEO vs. PPC for Law Firms: Which One Will Help Your Firm GrowAs a law firm, you should never see PPC marketing and lawyer SEO as an either-or option. Putting together a good campaign on both fronts isn’t expensive – only about $2,500 – $20,000 per month depending on your location, practice area, and results desired. When you take a moment to look at everything that’s involved, you’ll see this is money that’s well worth spending.

PPC Marketing and its Role in Attorney SEO

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is defined as paying Google to list your site on its SERPs. Each time someone clicks on your link here, you’re charged money. Besides this, there are a few other downsides regarding PPC campaigns and their role in lawyer SEO, including:

  • You’ll pay more money here because you’re buying each click.
  • Your ads are only seen on set days and at set times unless you have an unlimited budget. This isn’t a bad thing once you’re properly optimized.

Fortunately, the benefits really do outweigh the disadvantages here. They include:

  • You’ll reap immediate results, including increased traffic that results in some conversions.
  • When your PPC is professionally managed in a proactive manner it’ll continue improving with time. This means you’ll start paying less money per lead.
  • You can easily target potential clients in neighboring suburbs and cities whom you’d otherwise struggle to reach with attorney SEO.

As you plan for such a campaign, make sure that you:

  • Work with a professional that’s “Google Partner Certified.” Their experience is beneficial.
  • Be creative with your targets and who you want to reach but make sure that it makes sense for your budget at the same time.
  • Demand reports on a regular basis.

SEO Marketing and its Role in Lawyer SEO

Through lawyer SEO you’ll build your website’s reputation. This requires the development of great content that other people endorse. Besides the fact that this takes a lot of work, there are some other disadvantages to using attorney SEO. These include:

  • You won’t receive immediate results through attorney SEO.
  • Google’s algorithm is always “improving,” so rankings sometimes experience turbulence.
  • While your attorney SEO campaign’s costs are typically stable, it does mean you can’t adjust them seasonably, like you can with PPC.

Once again, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages though. These include:

  • Your collective cost per conversion is much lower than PPC.
  • Unlike PPC ads that run on a schedule, you’ll receive consistent, full-time exposure with lawyer SEO.
  • You’ll also receive third-party exposure through legal directories, social channels, news sources and other types of media.

When you’re ready to take advantage of lawyer SEO for your law firm’s website, there are a few things that you’ll want to make sure that you do. These include:

  • Hire a search engine marketing (SEM) company with proven results. If you find a company who’s offering you something that appears to be too good to be true, you’ll want to steer clear of them because it’s probably true – it’s probably too good to be true.
  • Make sure you have goals and an established timeline in front of you before delving in. When you work with a SEM company they should be able to provide you with examples of work they’ve done for similar clients.
  • Think of this as a long-term investment but expect to see at least some growth in your ranking reports. You should also be able to monitor organic traffic through Google Analytics. These things will tell you whether you’re on the right track.

ISEOU understands attorney SEO and PPC because they’ve been helping many lawyers, such as yourself, successfully rise to the top of the search engines. They can help you to. Give them a call so they can start putting together a great SEO and PPC campaign for you today.

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