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How To Avoid A Scam SEO Company?

How To Avoid A Scam SEO Company?Let’s see how to avoid getting burnt by scam SEO companies. The term Search Engine Optimization or SEO, in short, is used widely these days and as a result, a host of SEO experts have cropped up in the market. These kinds of SEO companies will make unrealistic promises and offer guaranteed ranking and whatnot. These days you cannot go more than a few hours without receiving spam emails. Many of these emails are about SEO. You may also get a cold call from some SEO guru who is supposed to make your internet marketing aspirations come true. The best possible protection against the scam SEO Company is learning more about the fraud. As most of the small business owners do not have the resources or time required to become an expert on SEO. Here is a list of the common irregular claims made by these companies. Remember, here we are referring to organic SEO results and not the paid results. Anybody can pay to get a top placement SERPS for an advertisement.

1. Assurance of ranking in SERPS: Almost all the SEO companies focus on the assurance of ranking in the SERPS. They will make claims such as “guaranteed number 1 ranking on Google” or “Assured Google first page ranking”. It is pretty much impossible to achieve the number one ranking in all Search Engine results in case of organic results. Google itself writes to be aware of the SEO companies that guarantee SERP ranking. As you have been warned directly by Google you need to avoid companies that offer this assurance.

2. Someone from this SEO Company knows someone at Google or they enjoy a special relationship with Google: This has to be a false claim. No SEO company enjoys such a relationship with Google nor has access to the priority submit in case of Google. All SEO companies making this claim are lying to you.

3. Guaranteed Submission to Thousands of Search Engines: So how significant is that? The only search engines that matter are Google, Yahoo, Bing, and AOL. These engines constitute 95% of the search engine market and others hardly matter.

4. Secret or special SEO strategies: Do any of the SEO companies have a crystal ball? Any genuine SEO company can explain what they intend to do to your website. They can also specify the link building strategy they will be using. Some companies will refer to SEO trade secrets they intend to use. This means black hat techniques and you will be banned by all search engines as a result of using them at some point in time.

5. SEO strategies for the lowest price: Some of the prices and offers made by the SEO companies are too good to be true. SEO is a lot of hard work and it takes a lot of time to do it properly. You will be well-served to know that it is better to do it yourself than trusting an SEO company that claims that they can do it for an absurdly low price. Remember, you will get what you are paying for.

6. We know the Google Algorithm:
The algorithms utilized by Google and other search engines for SERP are dynamic and complex. At the very best people can guess about certain areas such as content, Meta tags, and link popularity.


When you are not certain about which company will suit your needs the best or you are not sure about the reliability of the various offers they are making to gain your business, you should think about contacting top and reliable professionals such as I SEO U Company. This company is an established organization and will help you in setting up the right strategies and make the SEO work for your business.

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