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Why You’re Not Generating Leads From Your Website

Why You're Not Generating Leads From Your WebsiteWhen you have a website that’s been up for a while but doesn’t bring you any website leads you start to wonder what’s wrong. What makes this even more concerning is when your social media and email marketing campaigns are also stagnant. There could be several reasons why this is happening to you though.

What Your Lead Generation is Missing

When you’re creating a lead generation campaign, you’ll want to make sure that it includes:

  • A strong call to action: You must give your visitors a reason to stick around after they’re done reading your information. This should happen at the top of the page. Start off by directing them to buy or subscribe.
  • A contact form that isn’t overly complicated: Your visitors shouldn’t have to think about where they must go for their next step. This is why your call to action should be at the top, not the bottom of your page. Otherwise don’t clutter your page with text or graphics and always keep your contact form simple.
  • Navigation that doesn’t confuse your visitors: When your visitors become confused, they also get distracted from your key information. Remember, most people scan a website instead of reading it. The best way of doing this is to use an “F” shape, placing your most important information across the top and left side of your page. Your call to action should be on the right and then you should use sub-headers and bullet points for your other information.
  • Enough good content to entice your visitors to want more information: You only have a few seconds to convert a visitor into a customer. This is why your copy must resonate well with them so they feel like you’re talking directly to them. Poorly written content (e.g. vague details, spelling mistakes, grammatical errors) won’t accomplish this. Good content discusses how your product or service will solve your visitors’ problems. With this type of content, you’ll surely start to receive more website leads because your visitors are feeling engaged.
  • Mobile friendliness: Although some of your visitors may be ready to convert, they may not do so because they’re trying to do so from a mobile device. This happens with a growing number of people today as more and more of them use their mobile device to shop online. It’s up to you to make sure that your lead generation efforts are engaging these people through things like responsive design. This will let you receive more website leads right away while also giving your SEO a boost at the same time.

How to Generate More Website Leads

Fixing all these factors takes time – such a precious commodity that you probably don’t have a lot of it available as it is already. Don’t let this combined with your lack of results frustrate you though. At I SEO U we have years of experience creating and managing customers’ lead generation and SEO campaigns. With our track record of proven success, you’ll want us on your side so call us today.

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