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How Email Marketing Can Improve Your SEO

How email marketing can boost your SEOPerhaps you know that organic search is the best way to drive more traffic to your website. But, have you ever thought of another way that is close to organic search? Email marketing. Yes! That is what am talking about. Even though it looks like it doesn’t have any link with Search engines such as Google, there are still ways that if you apply, then you’ll increase your website rank. Here are several ways that email marketing can help boost your web traffic:

Create an archive of email newsletters online

Did you know that email newsletters carry a wealth of targeted content that you can put it to use by archiving on your website so that you enhance your website SEO? You can choose to post the articles as a single content or create PDF files for your newsletters and host them on your website for Google Search Engines to index them.

Develop a Strong social strength

Links that have a lot of social activity rank better in Google search. The higher the number of times people share your content, the better your social signals grow. Ensure you include the social network buttons in all your email marketing ways so that followers and subscribers find it easy to share your content. Add blog post links in your newsletters so that you encourage your subscribers to share them.

Request for Reviews

The number and quality of reviews your site or company has online directly impacts your local search ranking. You need to make everything easy for clients to review your site. Having good quality reviews boosts your website traffic.

Reduce bounce rate

If visitors come to your website and then leave immediately, that is called a bounce. It tells Google that the visitors haven’t found the right information they were looking for. Having a low bounce rate enhances your Website ranking. If you want to know your bounce rate, use Google Analytics.

To reduce your bounce rate, ensure that you create high quality, and engaging content for your landing pages. Your email list must be full of people who have shown an interest in your website. It can be through signing up for your newsletter, downloading a free e-book or report, etc. To have a healthy list, include a visible unsubscribe button in each email.

Long-term development

Email marketing gives you some vital statics related to engagement which can help you boost your SEO campaign for the future. For example, you can tell how your choices in specific content topics impact your open rates or use an email newsletter to find out which of your articles are popular. When you have this information with you, you can proceed to create better content that appeals your followers.

Tips for success

Besides the above advice, keep in mind the following tips for great success in email marketing to boost SEO:

  • Focus on value
    Avoid forcing your readers to take a specific action. Just focus on providing content that they will find valuable and useful to read.
  • Don’t spam
    Spamming subscriber will result in them unsubscribing. Limit the number of emails you sent.
  • Measure everything.
    Ensure that the email platform you use gives you insights in the way your readers behave and engage with your content. You need to be able to see the open click-throughs.

Email marketing alone can’t boost your SEO campaign. Google does not crawl emails like SEO, neither will email marketing campaign directly influence your site’s ranking in any way. But, email marketing can impact the behaviours of your audience such as making them comment on your content, share it or link to it, which later affects your website Google Search rankings. If you have problems with your site ranking, consult today with SEO professionals at ISEOU to help you fix out your problem quickly.

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