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All About Local SEO

All About Local SEOIntroduction

Local search engine optimization pertains to optimizing a website for local search engine results. This can include terms such as schools near (City, State) or shopping centers located by (landmark in City, State).

In this article, we will talk about why local SEO is so important, and offer advice about who will benefit from local SEO as well as who will not see any benefits.

Why is local SEO so important?

There are many reasons as to why local SEO is so important for a business. A few statistics that show this include:

  • half of the people that performed an online search on their mobile device went to an actual store to shop within 24 hours of the search
  • 34% of individuals that used a tablet or computer did the same as above
  • 18% of mobile device searches lead to a sale within one day
  • Out of every 3 searches done on a smartphone, one of them was done just before arriving at the shopping place
  • half of the people searching on their mobile devices are looking for local business addresses and other like things
  • 71% of individuals said they will confirm a store is in existence at a particular place before shopping there for the first time
  • 78% of local mobile searches end up in purchases that are made offline

Who will benefit from local SEO?

There are many that will benefit from local SEO.

  • Attorneys almost always have a great benefit from using local SEO. This is because they really target the location that potential clients are looking for. They often have a call to action on their page, with a “Call us” button.
  • Medical practices and doctors have great luck with local SEO. Most of the time a person is searching for a doctor, it seems to be an emergency or they want to be seen quickly. This means that they do not want to drive an hour if they do not have to. Many times, people will type in doctors near (City, State). This is the perfect example of local SEO. A map will be shown, along with the name of the doctor and a link to their practice.
  • Restaurants will use local SEO to drive more people to their business. Those who do searches for restaurants near them will be able to see reviews that have been left by others. This is a great way to see which food joints have the best food, service, and prices in town.
  • Plumbers are also another business that greatly can be affected by local SEO. Most of the time when an individual needs a plumber, it is an emergency. Performing an online search is the easiest way to find a qualified plumber near you.
  • Pet services tremendously benefit from using local SEO. This is because so many individuals have pets that need care. People are looking for dog walkers and pet sitters all the time. There are even people that will pay someone come pick up dog waste that has been left in their yards. Being able to access these places online through local SEO is a great help for those that are in need of these services.

Who will not benefit from local SEO?

Unfortunately, there are some that will not benefit from local SEO. These include private online sellers, businesses that do not have an online presence or want their information shared, local authors, and online-only stores.


As you can see, there are many types of businesses that greatly benefit from local SEO. It is a very important part of having a business. If you have a business and need affordable assistance with local SEO, contact I SEO U today.

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