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Outsourcing Your Local SEO

Local Search Engine OptimizationLocal SEO plays a crucial role in your business’ success. Unfortunately, many businesses don’t understand this. They also don’t understand the reasons behind it. These reasons are important nevertheless.

Using Language People in Your Area can Relate To

One of the most important reasons why you should work with a local SEO company is they speak your customers’ language. This means they use your customers’ dialect and spelling, which makes your website’s text copy feel more authentic. With this language being used your website can avoid any search engine penalties that are applied to those sites who use spelling and grammar that’s either written by a machine or someone who barely speaks English.

Having Knowledge About the Area

Another major benefit of local SEO is you show your customers that you have intimate, working knowledge of your city. Whether this means mentioning local landmarks or vendors who are within walking or driving distance of these areas this is important to include in your website’s text today. Of course, you want to do more than simply mention these things. You want to make sure they’re seamlessly integrated into your website.

When you’re mentioning this information it’s important for you to make sure that it’s correct. You don’t want it to simply be pulled from another website, especially if you don’t know if it’s obsolete. This is also true when it comes to things like prices and acronyms. Once you’re sure you’re using the right things here, make sure you also include your website in local business directories. While Google Maps and Google’s business directories are important, local business directories are even more important. They’ll make it easier for people to find your site.

Google is Moving Towards Personalised, Localised Results

In the past, search engine results were static. They didn’t consider a business’ location. It didn’t matter where you were in the country, you’d still get the same SERPs. However, recently Google has revolutionized this by taking a turn towards personalized, localized searches. This makes it easier for businesses and their map results to rank on the first page. So, it doesn’t matter if you own a small store or a big one, you can still rank in the top of the SERPs thanks to local SEO.

Relating to the Local Media

When you work with a local SEO company you can rest assured that they’re familiar with the newspapers, bloggers, personalities, and publications in your area. They also understand what sources and celebrities are the most meaningful to your customers. As such, they’ll know what people in your city watch and read. Knowledge of these things means you can use them to your advantage on your website. This solicits social media likes, reviews, and shares which helps you grow your business.

These aren’t things that someone who isn’t familiar with your city can do for you. Instead, they’ll draft fake testimonials they believe are perfectly tailor-made for your audience. However, anyone who lives near you won’t pay any attention to these things because they’ll know they’re fake.

On the other hand, SEO companies in your area have a relationship with bloggers and social media influencers in your area so you’ll never have to worry about this happening to your website.

Understanding State Specific Laws

When hiring a local SEO company to redesign your website or improve your off-page SEO you can rest assured that they’re quite familiar with the laws you must abide by. This includes things like privacy policies, terms of service, and marketing tactics. Knowing how to write and perform actions that abide by your city’s laws will prevent you from having a libel or deceptive advertising lawsuit filed against you.

Clearly, you can see just how helpful it is for you to work with an SEO firm that’s familiar with where you live. This is especially true if you choose a company like #ISEOU that has 20+ years of experience. We understand your audience’s language and share their knowledge too. With this in mind, we invite you to schedule your free consultation today.

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