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Using Google Ads For Improving SEO Results

tips for using Google Ads to boost your SEOIt has been confirmed several times by Google that the PPC ads through Google Ads will not directly help your SEO performance in the organic category. But that is not the only way an SEO company can use Google Ads to improve the SERP results. SEO is an affordable alternative used by many SEO services; however, it may take months or even years in some cases before you can benefit from the results. Google Ads typically guarantee instant results, but you need to have a proper budget for them. It can be expensive if not managed correctly. Here are some tips for using Google Ads to boost your SEO.

Researching and testing keywords

One of the more valuable applications of Google Ads is in researching keywords. Keywords are significant for both PPC and organic SEO campaigns. Without targeting the correct keywords, you will never get too much value from the SEO service campaigns. The Keyword Planner Tool provided by Google Ads is one of the popular tools for researching keywords. Using the planner tool is quite straightforward. Just enter the URL or keyword ideas, and the tool will generate suggestions automatically. Then you may filter the keywords depending on requirements.

Ad Clicks for generating backlinks

Backlinks are still one of the more significant ranking factors for SEO. It is no secret that link-building has become more challenging these days than ever before. Today, the incoming backlink quality is more significant than their quantity. It has also become tough to get links from authoritative, high-quality websites. However, if someone clicks on the paid PPC ad to visit your website, there is every chance that they might link to your website or share the site on social media. Ad placement and organic results develop a perception that a brand is trustworthy.

Boost the organic CTR

How attractive and optimized your meta description is, together with the title, will be the most significant factor in deciding the organic CTR. The Google Ads campaign will be the right place to test and gather data for improving your copy. In case the PPC has a good CTR, it is an indication of a well-written copy. This approach can be used for the heading of the content and meta description. This will help in improving the search CTR. This will not only bring in more traffic from SERPs but will help in developing the ranking with a positive cycle.

Remarketing opportunities for a better SEO performance

One of the greatest advantages of using Google Ads instead of other platforms is its powerful remarketing feature. In remarketing, you show a targeted ad campaign to the people that have visited the website or have triggered some actions. This allows you to engage the people visiting your website that have not converted to your brand effectively. There are two effective remarketing ways. The first is the recapturing of non-converting organic visitors, and the second is gathering more visitor data.

Although Google Ads will not directly help you in boosting your SEO performance, in many ways, it allows the PPC to indirectly improve the SEO. Google Ads allows better exposure of your content to a greater number of users which improves the chances of people linking or sharing your content and generating significant backlinks in this process. The PPC ads also help in balancing the long-term aspect of SEO and can help in shortening the time frame needed for the generation of traffic and converting them. If you have a business in the Clearwater, FL, area and are looking for an SEO service, get in touch with I SEO U Company for all SEO-related services.

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