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Prepare For The Future Of SEO

SEO, Prepare For The Future Of SEOKnowing what trends will blow up online is the most important skill you can have as a webmaster or content marketer. There are experts all over the place yet only a rare few can actually nail down what will eventually be the game changers in the industry. One can hedge one’s bet by just realizing that the future of SEO is honesty and sound technical application. Ignoring these two primary factors are going to lead to many websites falling off the map.

First of all, one has to realize that the old techniques of SEO are going by the wayside, yet there are still SEO companies promoting and using these useless tactics. It’s because they’re lazy and impatient and are only out to bilk customers for the quick money. You need to know as a customer, that any SEO company you go to has to be on top of their A Game and not lead you around to an expensive and frustrating experience. Tomorrow’s SEO game calls for tossing out the old, enhancing the sure fired present skills, and mastering the future trends.

Before you panic and think you’ve got to drop everything you now know, don’t. It’s just a matter of not being stubborn or an obnoxious know-it-all, thus being able to embrace sensible and logical SEO engineering.

Link building:

Link building is a staple of today’s SEO. It calls for having links coming to and going from your website. Since search engines used to favor the number of links a site had, people would stuff their websites with links to the point of overwhelming. Google and the other search engines caught onto this tactic and now it will get you penalized severely. That doesn’t stop some scammers from conning customers into thinking it works. What will work for the foreseeable future are links that have relevance to a site, provide valuable data, and are from authority sites.

Mobile is the big winner here. Mobile is soon going to be the ultimate power in the universe like the Death Star. Within a few years, mobile will be the default to computing and your websites had better be designed and engineered to exploit this change most efficiently. Luckily there are free online tools from Google to help you do this. If you hire an SEO expert, make sure to ask about mobile. Take into account, however, that devices used for mobile today might be obsolete within five years. That being said, you’ll need to keep up on everything mobile so you’ll not be left in the dust.

Voice search is another thing to be considered. Computing is being engineered for the easiest usage so that hands-free options are available. Now that Siri is popular and people are used to it, the technologies behind voice operated systems are going to improve a thousand-fold. That means more options to search using voice. SEO must be able to accommodate voice search as it’s predicted voice will be a dominant factor in the years to come and more.

There’s a good chance new search options will emerge like ‘eye search’ where computer operation is initiated and controlled by eye movement either by some sort of glasses or sight responsive device. It may be a few years before this kind of technology hits the shelves, but it’s better to be ahead of the curve and study up on such futuristic search options.

There are far more futuristic concerns for SEO and it’s a good idea to do your homework. Attend an SEO seminar online or live. Ask the questions and test the systems but don’t think you can outsmart Google.

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