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How to Be a Better Social Media Marketer

How to Be a Better Social Media MarketerLearning the art of social media marketing can be challenging at first, but can be vital to the success of your or your clients’ websites. Social media can be overwhelming, but with a good strategy you can stick to the fundamentals which will bring you the results you desire and help create the synergies you need to drive the traffic and customer awareness that you need for success. Stick the following rules and you will be well on your way to making something out of your social media presence:

First, remember to think before you speak. This may sound simply or even silly, but way too many people (including successful people and companies) have made huge blunders that were very costly to themselves and their bottomlines all because they hit that submit button before really considering what it was they were saying and how it would be perceived. It is just so easy, almost tempting, to hit “Tweet” or “send” these days, but it is important to resist that temptation until you are sure it is something you want the world to see. Think about your audience, your goal, and how you are addressing that goal with each and every message. Think about whether the words you are using are the most effective at getting your point across and that they are clear enough that they don’t get misinterpreted in a harmful way.

Remember the larger strategy and the environment in which you are posting whatever you are. It is important to think about framing and how your small actions (individual posts) fit into the larger puzzle and even bigger vision.

If you are a large organization, make sure that you maintain positive internal relationships with the commercial side of marketing. Remember your partners- both internal and external and keep up good relations in order to create those contacts and synergies you may need when trying to pursue your own goals. When it comes to social media, it is important to consider the impact on others when posting something. Often times, you will be posting things that may be welcomed by others within your organization as it helps their goals too and it is important that they are aware of this if possible.

Finally, remain inspired. It is easy to get writer’s block, but there are also many ways to get around it. Read about your niche and see what competitors are doing. Ideas are abound. Now go chase them and go achieve those goals!

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