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Content Length A Key To SEO/Content Marketing Success

Content Length A Key To SEO/Content Marketing Success There’s a debate raging regarding how many words per article or post one’s content marketing strategies call for in gaining ground in the SEO game. There are pros and cons to short and long content but we need to look at why.

Articles and posts that you’re using for content are geared toward two goals: increasing search engine rankings and providing valuable data to your customers and potential customers. The results are valued organic traffic that leads to conversion into sales and retention for repeat sales. That being said, one has to provide the kind of content that not only attracts surfers but serves these two primary goals.

Research says that both short and long content can improve one’s SEO goals. The problem here is that length has its overall merits but valued content is of more importance. If you’re producing 1,0000-word content, which Google favors, that content can’t be just you rambling on about any given topic. You have to provide useful data so that people can find the content of value and application. If you choose to produce shorter content like as in 300 words, you had a better pack that content with a plethora of valuable information.

Entertaining and interaction are valuable as well. If your 1,000-word article doesn’t bring a surfer to want to engage in your site or its social media, then you’ve just wasted space. If a 300-word article has people flocking to your comment section and making purchases, then that’s the better route. The bottom line here is creative, valuable, engaging, and interactive quality content.

So, keeping your content marketing straggly afloat by providing relevant content no matter what the length would seem like good advice, but it’s not that easy. Statistics still show that the longer the content, the more people like it, will link to it, and share it. This is because of the social media angle which cannot and should not be ignored.

Yes, this can be confusing but we have to look at the science behind this all. Google is looking at a problem that has risen that has totally clogged up the search engines with useless and idiotic content. It’s due to people thinking that the more articles they post that are full of keywords, known as keyword stuffing, don’t provide the public with the kind of valued experience Google wants their surfers to have. They don’t want their surfers going elsewhere for information because their search engine rankings are full of spammers. To combat this Google has noticed that the scammers don’t want to spend the money required to hire writers of quality but only writers who can spam to their heart’s content. There are literally thousands upon thousands of unscrupulous marketers out there that churn out article after article, just a few hundred words long that offer little or no valuable data.

The bottom line to all this is that statistically, longer content is by default looked well upon by Google. This means that to maximize your SEO and content marketing efforts you’ll need to produce articles of 750 words and longer, preferably about 1,000 words, but that content has to be well written, contain valuable and pertinent information to the surfer and bring the surfer to the point of depending on you and your efforts so they’ll tell others as well as come back for more.

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