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Multiple H1 Tags Are Fine In SEO

Multiple H1 Tags Are Fine in SEOWhen it comes to having more than one H1 tags on a page, John Muller, a webmaster trends analyst said that there are not a lot of problems with it. He added that semantically added structured headings really do help Google with comprehending your pages. What this means is that by having various H1 headings, your SEO efforts will not be pushed aside.

Typically, H1 is an HTML tag that is used to indicate a heading on a website. Generally, you will see it in large letters that are bolded as a heading. It will be used to describe what the page is all about. Any content that is listed in this tag should be relevant to your page. There are 6 different kinds of heading tags. These are numbered as h1, h2, and so on until h6. H1 is the most important one. These types of tags are very important in SEO as they help a site rank. The tag should be anywhere from 20 to 70 characters in length. Some say it does not matter how long it is , but if you make it too short, you are wasting space that can really come in handy!

Many individuals are unsure how they can manage heading and accessibility. Many may be there, but typically all are hidden except for one lone one. However, Google does not seem to mind that sites use more than one H1 heading as more and more websites are turning to this.

You may also see some refer to this type of tag using a capital H while others use a lowercase h. Either is fine because HTML is case sensitive. The browser you use will not be able to tell if you are using a capital or lowercase h.

Muller states that Google uses H1 headings in order to understand the various texts on a page. There must be a clear understanding of what the headlines are in order for them to be useful. However, many of the headings are not semantically structured in the least. Users will not really be able to tell a huge difference. Both pages- those that have H1 headings that are structured and clear and those that do not- can be pertinent to a question that a person may have. Google does try to use the HTML headings as they see them. This could be only one heading, or many H1 headings. It could even result in portions of context without any HTML at all.

Some individuals may even wonder why we need to care about SEO and H1 headings. To be honest, Muller says SEO should not even be your main priority here. If you think about your visitors, you will be better off. If you can use your headings to make your content accessible to your viewers, this will not hurt your SEO efforts in the least.

If you have a site that already have quite a few H1 headings on it, do not reformat it. It is not worth the time to do so. If you are lacking headings in pages that are important, you should continue to add headings to these pages.

If you are interested in adding H1 tags on your website but do not feel comfortable in making the decision on how many to add, consider hiring a professional company to assist you in the matter. A company that has helped numerous customers is #ISEOU. Here you will find a meticulous company that focuses on the industry’s best techniques in order to have your website succeed. They can help with all your SEO and H1 tag needs.

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