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Using LinkedIn to Boost Your Google SEO

Using LinkedIn to Boost Your Google SEOThere are many things that LinkedIn can help your business with including networking and interacting with people who are able to offer you invaluable experiences. What many people don’t realize is that it’s also beneficial for SEO, especially when you’re trying to get higher in Google’s SERPs. In fact, simply having your business listed on LinkedIn is beneficial for it because Google’s search algorithm will look upon it favorably. This is why so many people want to learn about LinkedIn SEO today.

Pay Attention to Your Keyword Phrases

When you’re writing LinkedIn job descriptions and headlines, make sure you use strong keyword phrases. To get started with this LinkedIn SEO tip you should create a list of several keyword phrases that are associated with your business – things that your prospective clients would enter in Google if they were searching for you. For instance, if you own a business as an accountant, you should use phrases like “tax preparation,” “certified public accountant,” and even “save money on your tax returns.” Obviously, some of these keyword phrases will prove more challenging when you try to weave them naturally into your LinkedIn account, but you can change them up a bit to make them work in various places, including your profile.

Watch the Anchor Text You Use

Instead of using generic text (e.g. “our website”) to link from LinkedIn to your business’ home page, make sure you’re using keyword-rich anchor text. Using things like your business’ name, your website’s title, the article’s title on the specific page that you’re linking to, and other strong keyword phrases will benefit your LinkedIn SEO. Make sure that they’re relevant to your website though. Otherwise they won’t help improve your website’s SEO rank in Google’s SERPs.

Let the Public see Your LinkedIn Profile

Make sure the public can view your profile on the LinkedIn website. Doing so will get you more exposure in Google while also bringing attention to your business via this search engine. In top right corner of your LinkedIn page where you see your name, you can click on the “settings” so that a drop-down menu will appear. Once it does, you’ll want to click on “profile” and from there you should click on “edit your public profile.” The page that opens here will have a section that says “customize your public profile.” Here you can choose “Make my public profile visible to everyone.” Taking this step to enhance your LinkedIn SEO really is that easy.

Keep Your LinkedIn Information Up to Date

You should make sure to update your LinkedIn information on a regular basis. Not only do you want to make sure that you keep your business’ profile updated and that you also include links deep into your company’s website. The best way to do this is to mention any awards, improved ratings, or times when your business is mentioned by other important websites and prominent publications.

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