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How To Find New Clients

How To Find New ClientsAs a business owner you probably already realize that your client base serves as your company’s lifeblood. This is why it’s so important for you to know how to find a client so you can continue growing your business and fulfilling its vision. Farzan Irani, former OPEN Forum Community member and current web consultant for / Fuzzworks UK, is keenly aware of this. Irani says every business must discover their best approach for creating a client base. As such, she’s created a 7-step approach for doing so.

Identify who Your “Ideal” Client Is

Knowing who your “ideal” client is will make it easier for you to find them. You want to know what makes this person happy, sad, relieved, scared, and how you can simplify their lives. Taking the time to discover these things will help you avoid making broad target market statements (e.g. every woman, all baby boomers).

Determine Where Your “Ideal” Client Lives

Now that you know who you’re targeting, determine where you can find them so you can post your messages there. Where you find your customers depends on your business’ nature. If you’re looking online, make sure you check out forums and social media. On the other hand, when you’re looking offline, make sure you check out your industry’s conferences and conventions.

Make Sure You Have A Thorough Knowledge of Your Business

It’s critical for you to thoroughly understand your industry and your product or service. This will help you showcase its facts so that people will want your help. Now, instead of trying to find a client, they’re trying to find you.

Position Yourself as an Expert

When you come in contact with a potential client, give them a reason why they should try your service. This is how to find a client who’ll be loyal to you because they recognize your business plays a valuable role in an issue they’re trying to solve. To make this work you must create webinar content, blog posts, make guest blog posts, and physically get up and go out and network with people. Doing so will help you start to attract a following whom you can then convert into new, paying clients.

Give Direct Response Marketing a Try

The best way to reach out and connect with clients is to find ways to encourage them to do something specific (e.g. opt into your email list, request more information online). To do this you must create compelling messages and ads that are directed towards your target market. In these things you’ll want to give them something valuable for free and show them why it’s foolish not to take advantage of your offer. Now is the time to show them that you understand what they’re going through and with your help they can quickly and easily eradicate their problem.

Form Partnerships

When you form a partnership with another business who offers complementary services to yours (e.g. a SEO specialist may want to team up with a website builder), you can take advantage of the synergy that’s there. Taking time to nurture these relationships so they’re really strong, will help you find a client who will give you repeat business and maybe even engage in word of mouth marketing on your behalf.

Follow up When You Find a Client

After you find a client, make sure you follow up with them. While it’s great to have an abundance of leads, failure to follow up will prevent them from becoming clients. Engaging in this process of learning how to find a client isn’t easy nor is it something you must do on your own.  I SEO U is there willing to create a partnership with you so you can accomplish all these things. Make sure you contact them today.

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