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Top 3 Social Media Marketing Tips You Can Use During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Top 3 Social Media Marketing Tips You Can Use During The Coronavirus OutbreakWhether we like it or not, we need to stay home during this period. Everybody is affected, especially a lot of businesses that are now facing one of the biggest challenges ever.

Among many recommendations, it is essential to maintain communication with clients. And, of course, social media remains one of the most effective channels.

More than ever, your social media marketing strategy needs to be on point, the reason why we are going to discuss a few tips you can use while the coronavirus outbreak lasts to keep in touch with your audience and still get some great results.

Adapt your message and tone

While staying home and social distancing are highly recommended now, you must check all your scheduled messages and, if necessary, make some changes. This goes especially for businesses in the catering industry, which, right now, are closed and without any revenue sources, except deliveries, if offered.

Our recommendation is to adapt the tone used in your social media messages. The coronavirus outbreak is far from being pleasant, so you should stay away from using way too much humor or touching any sensitive topics.

Do not question the recommended precautions or suggest that you are not following protocols. Also, you should realize that some of your followers may have been seriously affected by the Coronavirus. Do not forget about supporting and encouraging everybody!

Reduce or stop the amount of sales posts

For at least the next month, stop doing it. You do not want your business to be considered one that is trying to profit off this or insensitive to the current situation.

On the other hand, if you are willing to offer discounts or even freebies, try announcing this and see how your audience reacts. Many brands are doing it right now, in an attempt to help those who are affected. If done right, this can actually increase your popularity and followers.

Share virus updates only from trusted sources

During this period, the amount of fake news spreading on social media is ridiculously high. Many accounts are sharing unverified or altered information just for the sake of traffic, without being aware of the impact it could have on some people.

If you want to post updates about the coronavirus as part of your social media marketing strategy, make sure it’s coming from trusted sources, such as the WHO or CDC. The last thing you want right now is to be accused of spreading misinformation.

Our recommendation is to limit this type of posts and share them only when it is essential or it has something to do with an aspect directly related to your business.

To wrap it up, we believe that we cannot be wrong with saying that social media marketing during the coronavirus outbreak can be a real challenge for a lot of businesses. We do not know how much this will last but there are a few things we are sure about: communication with clients must be maintained. Relationships must be maintained. Social media presence must be maintained.

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We are working only with experts who have already proven themselves in this field, while our entire staff is constantly trained and up to date with everything new about social media.

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