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SEO Design Strategies For Success

SEO Design Strategies For SuccessEvery expert in the world that espouses that they know SEO strategies and engineering that works isn’t going to be worth anything without proper design knowledge.

The design and engineering of your website is much like when you build a home. There are fundamentals that you have to follow even to accommodate future modifications. If you haven’t established good design and foundations then you’re looking at something no one wants to live in and people won’t want to visit.

Make Sense

First of all with your website design, make sense of it. Make sure that your site promotes your brand, location,and goods and services. Don’t slap up all kinds of fancy designs and slogans and promotional nonsense. Get to the point first and embellish later. Make sure your pages are easy to read at a glance and must always be easy to navigate.

Vital Info Is Vital Information

Your business’ vital info is foremost. It has to be strategically displayed so that the surfer can get the idea of where they are and what it can do for them, not you. You have to make sure they can see where your are and how to contact you in order to participate. They need to be able to see internal page links that lead to answers they may have questions for. They shouldn’t have to hunt around like in a video game mystery. This is business, not a time to play around.

Make your pages thus, easy. Prominent graphics that display your brand name, products, services, and interior information.

Pictures and videos are important and must be tagged properly with your essential keywords inside but not to the point of spam.

Do The Mobile Design Now

Do not let a day go by that you haven’t adapted your website to mobile friendly surfers. Mobile is now the priority of the Google search algorithm because the rise of mobile devices is astonishing. Everything is going mobile and you should too.

Simplicity Says A Lot

Have you ever gone to a website and it’s got so many bells and whistles that you couldn’t make heads or tales of it? It happens frequently as some companies just don’t know what makes a functional website. They’re trying to get over with glitz and pretty bows and ribbons and don’t realize that all that mess only detracts from what you want the surfer to do and that is to visit your site, engage with your site and buy.

Nothing else matters. If the surfer can’t find the ‘buy’ button or if they have to read through irrelevant copy or rotten navigation, you will see them lose interest and leave your page pronto. They want to know what you have to offer and at what price and they want that information up front Sure you have your promo pitch to sell but don’t act like those used car salesman ads of old. You wan the surfer to know that you have what they want, plenty of it, and at an affordable price. End of story.
Websites get convoluted when there are too many cooks in the kitchen. The building of a website is exciting for everyone and the boss may have his or her ideas they want to toss in. The problem begins when everyone tosses in their two cents and won’t follow the guidelines of professional marketing and website design.

You’ll hear some boss blurt out how they want their website like the other company’s website and won’t listen to good sense that their site has to be original. Someone in the office who thinks they know better than the web designer or someone’s spouse or relative wants their input into the design. It can turn into a circus really fast and feelings can be hurt when someone finds out that their ideas have been thrown in the waste basket This kind of thing happens all the time much to the frustration of web designers who sometimes feel they’re talking to a brick wall.

To avoid all this, make your web design team short and simple. Each has a duty to perform and not cross trails with the other. Stand your ground with functions and content. If a ten year old kid or 70 year old can’t figure out what your site is about nor how to find what they want then you’ve done a bad job. Does the person who visits your site sit in wonder and awe? If not, you’ve failed. Your site has to grab their attention and invite them in. Every page of your site has to be this way because Google indexes webpages from a site, not the site itself so every page stands on its own merits.

This is why a company like I SEO U is the right step in the profitable direction. Their staff knows what your site needs and is a very affordable, well managed company. Take them on and see for yourself as it’s an investment you won’t regret.

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