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Diversity Is The Key To SEO Success

Diversity Is The Key To SEO SuccessThe field of SEO has seen numerous strategies over the years. Some worked well, and others tanked. Some did so well that they dominated the search engine listings while others were structured by less than ethical people who sought to use ‘black hat’ or illegal techniques to win the day. Now that Google is on to all these techniques, it’s become more responsible in using honorable means of gaining SERP supremacy.

Diversity is the word here. Instead of worrying about getting the top keywords which are next to impossible, it is wise to engage in other SEO tactics that bear fruit in the short and long term.

Keywords are still important, however, if you don’t have a million dollar budget to buy keyword ad placement, you’re going to have to rely on other means. SEO is a long-term goal. It doesn’t happen overnight unless you have some rare and exclusive proprietary property and brand name that has gone viral on the web. Other than that you’re going head to head with competition that will fight you to the end.

First of all, look at your website and have it evaluated for SEO efficiency. This calls for asking an SEO expert. They’ll give your site the once-over and see where your strengths and weaknesses are. They’ll then suggest the means to correct things and what your budget and duties will be.

Your site has to have a blog. A blog is a great way to build a brand name and take advantage of many SEO tactics that are acceptable. Setting up a blog is relatively simple, but the follow-through is what is most important. Your blog will have to have posts contain in a certain word count, keywords, company data, and it must be updated regularly, at least once a week. Your blog posts are open game for anyone on social media to read and re-post and share and comment. This is how you get that organic traffic even if you’re low in the SERPs.

Listings and other similar services provide a good way to get that boost in search engine exposure. Make sure your information on these sites like Yelp and others has your most recent and accurate data. Especially your NAPs. Name Address Phone. This will lead to the advantage of what is called Local SEO.

This enables your location and all related info to be included in the search engines. For example, if someone were looking for your services in your area, your name, address, phone, and website will be listed.
Everything from posting comments to someone else’s blog to review sites is fair game. Don’t get spammy as you’ll probably have a link to your profile or website when you post. Do reviews and get reviews. Ask your customers to put in a review and offer a discount along with it. This will initiate a cascade of positive data that the search engines will see and list.
Social media is your big field. You’ve got to have a site that is engaging first of all. If people don’t surf through your site or interact with your blog and social media pages, you’re missing out on organic traffic that money can’t even buy. People love to boast about that great deal or discount or fine service they’ve received. Just one positive post on social media can go viral. Ask your customers to shoot a video of them using your services and perhaps hold a contest with prizes for the best videos. People love contests, and the chatter and comments and shares should get you boosted up the search engines.

A good idea would be to contact a pro like ISEOU. They have the kind of service and expertise that can get your rolling in no time. SEO is a long-term project, so a company like ISEOU is a step in the SEO direction.

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