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How long will it take before your SEO Strategy starts paying off?

How long will it take before your SEO Strategy starts paying off?If your business has an online presence and you’ve recently invested in an SEO strategy formulated by a webmaster, then obviously you’d be eager to recoup your investments as early as possible. That is tantamount to asking whether your website will be able to make it to the top during SEO drives by search engines and how soon that may happen. Of course, there are no straightforward answers to these questions, especially taking into account the rapid transformation that the search engine optimization landscape has undergone.

SEO is not what it used to be

The realm or landscape of SEO has changed tremendously in the last ten years. There use to be a time when users or net surfers used to key in two or three words (read keywords) in the web browser in order to find what they were searching for. Based on the frequently used keywords typed in by users or visitors pertaining to your industry or segment, you used to select a set of keywords around which the content was created.

These days, people are taking advantage of search tools like Google Now or Siri for framing keywords that run into a statement or question comprising of many words. Searching for relevant information or subject-matter using long phrases helps users to zero in exactly what they’re after. So, in order that your site gets a good rank, you should concentrate on devising an SEO strategy that incorporates not only the most popular keywords but also lengthy natural language phrases.

The upshot is that securing a high enough rank is not worthwhile if your site doesn’t get sufficient leads that can be converted into customers for your product or service. Therefore, you should engage an SEO specialist who can actually help you out with accomplishing your business goals rather than make your portal rank high on SERPs. So, going by the current state of affairs in the SEO realm, you should rephrase your original question and ask how long before the search engine optimization plan starts engendering leads that can be translated into sales?’

How soon will your revised SEO plan start delivering?

The fact that your SEO strategist has revamped the earlier online marketing approach doesn’t necessarily imply that the same will start paying off as early as you expect. There are some specific factors that’ll influence the outcomes including the number of years your site has been indexed by search engines, the current structure of the portal, the volume and quality of content, and so on. Given the volatile nature of the SEO setting which is almost always in a state of flux, it’d be very difficult to offer a definite timeline or timeframe by which the revised online promotion would start paying off. Nevertheless, the following paragraphs elucidate how effective the strategy would be in the first six months.

  • 1st month-Theoretically, the 1st month will be spent doing research, detection, web site audit, planning, and keyword integration. If you can make it ‘all in a day’s work’, then you can expect to see technical modifications to your site.
  • 2nd month-If technical modifications require you to go for site overhauling, then don’t expect your novel SEO approach to start delivering anytime soon as the changes introduced will take some months to have a positive impact.
  • 3rd month-The 3rd month will keep you busy in revising and updating content, company info, articles, blogs, FAQs, and other white hat essentials. If you complete uploading these, you can look forward to rank improvement as the month draws to a close.
  • 4th month-You’ll be continuing with your efforts to fine-tune white hat or ethical link building. If everything goes according to plan, traffic to your site thus generating quality leads and bettering rank.
  • 5th month-The fifth month will see you tapping into the social media platforms resulting in increased flow of traffic and therefore more prospective leads.
  • 6th month-Halfway through the year, if your site is being visited by nothing less 4000-5000 users, then you should be focusing on how to convert the maximum leads into customers.         

Image Credit :  Illia Uriadnikov

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