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How to leverage PPC advertising and SEO

How PPC impacts SEOContextual advertising involves the display of an advertisement on a page whose content is associated with the advertised product (service). The popular variant of contextual advertising is PPC, when displaying which payment is made only in case the user visits the necessary page.

PPC (pay per click) – a kind of contextual advertising, in which the advertiser pays only the transfer of the user to the site.

A fairly common scheme of settlements with advertisers, is used by large search programs of Yahoo, Google, Bing. The scheme is attractive, because by giving on-line advertising, the advertiser pays only positive traffic, and not just the number of impressions. By analyzing the impact of contextual advertising, you can try to increase the conversion by combining PPC and SEO.

Competent work on combining the principles of PPC and SEO can significantly increase the useful return on contextual advertising. What tasks can be solved more effectively using contextual advertising?

Checking Design Effectiveness

By posting on-line ads that send users to pages with different designs, after a while you can draw conclusions about which design is most attractive and gives an impulse to the client, prompting for further active action. Analysis of user behavior on pages with the same content, but differently designed, will identify blunders and make the design of the Landing page as correct as possible. By the same principle, you can test all the components of the site, not only the background and other design elements. Customizing product filters in the best way is also possible when combining the process with PPC. Customize the two filters in different ways (1 for the price, 2 for the popularity), and use paid traffic to track which is the most effective and gives the highest conversion. Identify the most popular visual content that is most attractive to the audience using the A/B test in AdWords. There is an opportunity to understand which picture attracts attention and creates a positive mood, which influences the further actions on the site.

Developing a new market and expanding the target audience Setting up paid traffic to a new audience (or undeveloped regions) in a short period of time will answer whether it is expedient to start expanding business in this direction. At the same time, the accuracy of the research will be quite high, since the specialist can place advertising clearly within the specified limits, and with social advertising the process is much simplified. Based on the results of the analysis of the results of the targeted campaigns, it is possible to obtain a portrait of the audience, an understanding of interests and needs. Having such information to optimize the content to meet the new needs will be much easier.

Protection of the brand

There is a problem of reducing the efficiency of one channel as a result of a more intensive use of the other – “cannibalization of traffic”. In fact, with constant work in this direction, brand advertising can increase traffic by 40%. The largest networks provide brand advertising to improve and strengthen their own positions. Creating a positive reputation, neutralizing the consequences of information wars or negative news associated with business, is also possible as a result of the symbiosis of SEO and PPC. Placement of contextual advertising for key queries allows you to put forward and highlight the opposite version of the negative event that damages the image.

Benefit from sharing keywords SEO and PPC

The combination of the indicators for AdWords and Search Console allows you to see how effective the key query is. Optimizing texts for keywords, increasing the number of negative keywords will avoid unnecessary costs when using online advertising. Excluding rare, too long requests, a specialist in contextual advertising, will be able to improve the effectiveness of ads. Analysis of the frequency of key queries and the frequency of their impressions will lead to conclusions about what exactly in the content of the page should be modernized.

With a significant expenditure on contextual advertising in certain areas of activity (construction, legal direction), you can achieve cost reduction by identifying the most working keywords and optimizing the site with this information.

Attraction of user content Creating a forum, discussion, page reviews will lead to the fact that the information resource will be constantly updated with the help of people visiting the site. Such pages should be indexed and moderated, and then activate contextual advertising. The more user activity on the page, the higher the return on search.

Bring a potential client from a link with a good resource, thereby increasing the conversion, possibly when interacting with friendly sites.

An interesting variant of cooperation is the placement of links in the article in exchange for interesting content. If the interests of projects do not overlap, symbiosis will take place with a high degree of probability.

Contextual advertising on mobile devices

People can not ignore people’s enthusiasm for gadgets. A growing number of potential customers use mobile devices to search for them. This is indicated by statistics – traffic from smartphones is constantly increasing. Do not pay attention to this fact, it means, to lose a part (possibly large) of the target audience.

In mobile search, contextual advertising delays a huge part of the results on demand, using the tandem SEO and PPC for mobile devices is relevant and necessary.

Seasonal goods for sale

Thanks to the contextual advertising of seasonal goods, you can significantly increase their sale. Prepare for the hot season of sales should start in advance. Optimize the texts for seasonal requests in a few months. By the time people start looking for what they need right now, you’ll be ready to offer them one of the first. And if you combine activity on a key request with a successful promotion, the effect can exceed all expectations.


When combining strategies SEO and PPC should take into account the features of the project. In any case, one of the main roles is played by competent analysis, on the basis of which it is possible to draw conclusions about further information development. The bottom line is that with the simultaneous use of different optimization techniques, you can find a golden mean that will help increase site traffic, conversion and avoid unnecessary costs associated with advertising, not reaching the destinations. It is important that the resource is visited by interested users, potential customers, and not by random people. Analyzing the data, you can understand who he is – your potential client, what you need to do to make it real. Placement of contextual advertising can be done independently, or attract a professional who understands the situation and will take the necessary actions to achieve the goal, making paid traffic really effective for the successful operation of the project.

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