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How to make the most of social media in 2018?

7 Social-Media Trends to Prepare for in 2018The ways and means that users resort to for interacting on automated social media keep changing from year to year in tandem with technological advancements. The changing trends and patterns related to how users share, exchange, and interface on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter also mirror their preferences. People now have a much better of what purposes do social media serve and how best to exploit the different web-based platforms for commercial gains.

Though there are more than 100 such online social networking sites, it does not make sense to be active on more than 4-5 platforms, financially or otherwise. The formalities and complexities associated with staying constantly updated on even 1-2 sites can be remarkably hassling for most, let alone 5. So, just maintaining your profiles on any two popular social sites would be sufficient and par for the course.

Keep the following tips on your fingertips to be at your creative best on social media in 2018.

1. Be on the lookout for transient posts and blogs

The shock defeat of Hillary Clinton (or conversely the unexpected triumphing of Donald Trump) or the plebiscite favoring Britain opting out of EU went viral on social media. Such type of events always encourages engaging debates and newsworthy blogs that are shared almost instantly across the net. But oftentimes, some seemingly insignificant happenings and incidents go on to become scoops that are usually missed by numerous bloggers and social site users.

Always be on the lookout for these types of events that have the potential of catching the attention of worldwide users and you can bet there will be an increased traffic flow to your profile.

2. Use the power and potential live content to your advantage

A picture is better than a thousand words, always and a moving image more so. So, it follows that live footages will continue to attract the attention of more users compared to text-based content. So, ensure to make sure that your visual content is short yet engaging.

3. Do your homework on virtual reality

Virtual reality allows you to join your wife who is in New York for a business conference or chat with your friend in Amsterdam without ever having to step out of your drawing room. The sites that you are using at present might introduce VR as an USP, so you’d be standing yourself in good stead if you do your homework on VR.

4. Be in the know about augmented reality

You can also make good use of augmented reality to promote your product or service that allows you to take advantage of filters and frames for showcasing your brand.

5. Go for recognized and branded advocates for promotional activities

If you are thinking of hiring users or bloggers who will work as brand ambassadors for your product or service, then go for ones who have earned a high degree of credibility.

6. The emphasis should be more on visual rather than textual content

The emphasis should be more on infographics and visual content rather than textual content when it comes to popularizing your brand across social media.

7. Creative content still reigns supreme and will continue to remain so

Creative and original content still reigns supreme as far as publicizing your ware across social networking platforms is concerned. So, your target should be developing content that will engage your customers and prospects. Steer clear of loading content that is irrelevant and plagiarized.

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