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About SEO Cloaking And SEO Spam

SEO cloaking explainedSEO cloaking comes under the heading of SEO spam. It is one of the black hat SEO techniques used by some people. It is a way of tricking Google into providing a better ranking to your website by manipulation of ranking algorithms. It is one of the SEO techniques by using which the content for search engine spiders gets manipulated. The SEO content for the users is different from the content presented to Google search engines. It involves showing different content to the users than Google.

SEO cloaking explained

SEO cloaking is showing different content to the users than showing it to the Google bot. Consider going to Google and opting to look for a page. It is something the Google bot does as well. If this is a good example, Google and the users are both getting the same results. They are both performing a search, and they end up getting the same piece of info. SEO cloaking is something different. You, as a user and the Google bot, are seeing different content. It is a clear violation of Google Quality Guidelines. It is due to this reason this SEO content is hidden from the bot.

Various methods used for SEO cloaking

Referral cloaking: It is a way of redirecting users from one SEO content to another. Hackers use this method for redirecting the traffic from a website where SEO spam is to other websites where people end up with.
IP cloaking: This is a process where a web server delivers to a specific site or the changed content depending on the IP address of the visitors.
User-agent cloaking: This is similar to IP cloaking, where the cloaking script is compared to the user-agent text string that is sent when some page gets requested.
JavaScript cloaking: The users having JS-enabled browsers are displayed in a single version, while the users having JavaScript turned off, such as search engines, are shown a different version of the website.
HTTP accept-language header cloaking: It might be utilized for showing various versions of a site depending on the web browser language of the user without letting them have an alternative of selecting a language.

Why Google doesn’t like SEO cloaking?

SEO cloaking is widely considered to be a violation as it provides the users with various results that are expected. When a website is hacked, it is pretty normal for the hacker to use SEO cloaking as a way of keeping the hack hidden and tough to find. When you consider SEO for Google, there are several misconceptions out there about white hat SEO techniques as well. Keep in mind that white hat SEO is a good thing, and it is legal. However, white hat cloaking is not envisaged to be a good practice. And, there doesn’t exist any such thing as white hat cloaking. SEO cloaking is a bad business no matter how you do it.

As any web security company will tell you, they have observed thousands of cloaking instances over some time. To highlight some of them, there are kindergarten websites that sell Viagra, some school websites that sell fake designer bags, and some websites that unwittingly sell essay-writing services. As cloaking has been made invisible to users in several cases, it remains on a website for a long time. When Google notices this, it will add this website to its blacklist.

In case you are infected with this SEO spam, it is important to act quickly and get the website cleaned up. The time factor will come into play as the website might get blacklisted due to the efforts of hackers. If you operate from Clearwater, FL area and you are looking for white hat SEO content and other SEO services, look no further than I SEO U Company for expert work.

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