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5 Indicators that Your Company Needs to Hire Local SEO Service Provider

5 Signs Your Company Should Hire Local SEO ExpertsIf you have a business with a physical location, perhaps you understand the need of having and establishing a consistent visibility in the local search engines. Approximately half of the web searchers have a specific intention, making use of queries like “[keyword][city][state]” and so forth to increase the chances of finding services and products especially in the places where you conduct your business.

Most of these searchers are the ones who are ready to spend money to buy your products and services. This means that if they fail to find your location listed on the first page of SERPs, they will look out for your competitors.

There are a few indicators to point out when a company needs to consider hiring a professional local SEO services. Let’s examine further some of those indicators to see whether your business deserves one or it is already covered.

You have all your locations listed on the same page on your website

One of the most prominent oversight which has the chance to obscure searchers from finding your location is having all locations details in one page. To effectively optimize for every location, you should have a webpage which has the main keywords and location both in the meta and HTML title description. But, this is can’t be done on a single landing page that covers all locations.

Apply a logical site Structure-Have the location pages structured in a logical hierarchy, this will allow search engines to identify and understand the way each page covers the whole section of content.

Deep links to locations-Any time you are making updates to the Google myBusiness listings, or any other types of maps feed. Try to update with deep links which direct the searcher to the exact location they want instead of sending them to the homepage.

You don’t have a clue of the amount of traffic driven from local search

If you are currently finding it difficult to monitor the performance of your landing pages, it could be the time to hire an expert who can get into your local analytics and create a report with detail action items. Fortunately, there are two types of data sources which can offer valuable insight to your local search campaign. They include maps and organic local traffics. It is important to monitor both sources so that to gain essential insight concerning the current performance of every location.

You don’t know exactly where your business citations require work

Another most crucial element of the local SEO which is normally overlooked or avoided is managing citations. A citation refers to a mention of your business name, phone number, address with or without the presence of a link. The citation might appear on any directory or local-oriented website on the web.

Not being aware of what people are saying about your business

If you don’t know whether your online reviews are bad or good, then your business reputation is at stake and you could be behind the curve. Reviews are one of the powerful aspects. According to BrightLocal research, it indicates that about 90% of the consumers get to read online reviews before they visit a business. In addition, about 74% of the consumers believe that a positive review will make them trust a local business more.

You don’t know how to build links to your website

External links which refer to your website are one of the best ranking factors according to Google. Backlinks which point to your pages are even more important since they strengthen and validate your business authority and the relevance for your specific locations.

There are different ways which a business can apply to record backlinks. Advanced search commands are efficient for identifying unlinked brand names, and usually result in easy and fast opportunities where it is fine to connect to a relevant location page.

It is possible that about everything said here is already on your radar, but there are no sufficient resources to handle it. Implementing an effective local search strategy is exhausting and calls for total commitment. Many companies lack that luxury to hire professional in-house teams and resort to solve this challenge with one or two people who most of the time have other tasks to perform. If you would like to enhance your local search service, get in touch with us. If not, you can’t afford to do nothing. You can begin by investigating your business on where it stands so far.

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