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What is an SEO Professional?

What is an SEO Professional?Over the past five to ten years the recognition, roles, and reputation of “SEO Experts” has evolved dramatically. In the past, those in charge with “SEO” (Search Engine Optimization) roles were often paid for reviewing or auditing, and then applying the necessary changes to a website and its pages to appropriately reach both desired audiences, as well as be effectively registered by search engine giants like Google for exposure and sales.

Then and Now: SEO Experts and Capabilities
A major changing point for SEO professionals in the past few years is their advanced requirements or expectations, along with the advancements of criteria for hired “webmasters”. In recent years webmasters were only expected to ensure that a website (template for example) was coded and uploaded correctly, along with any moving objects, necessary forms, banners, etc. Because of this, the necessity for “SEO Experts” was very apparent, as many webmasters did not have the know-how or experience to design websites in an SEO-friendly way.

However, as the years have gone by and SEO basic and advanced requirements have increased, likewise have the standards for hired webmasters. Now, it’s not unusual to find and hire a webmaster with basic to novice SEO techniques for popularizing your website or business. Many webmasters are not both expected and recruited to responsibly including keywords as necessary, anchor links, and other techniques that will maximize essential traffic to your website or business.

The Future of SEO: An Evolution in Technology
Because the standards and expectations of webmasters have increased so much, it’s understandable why SEO experts are now expected to bring more to the table and match the demands of modern SEO and marketing techniques. Such responsibilities include adding visual effects onto a website that is keyword friendly or relevant, as well as other “backdoor” functionality that in the past was only feasible by programmers or those familiar with elements such as JavaScript and Flash Player.

In today’s bustling market of modern technology and businesses a large chunk of traffic will come from a website’s ability to be viewed and utilized across various platforms and devices. What this means is making websites viewable and adding functions to inquire or purchase products no matter what device you might be using to logon. In a lot of ways, because of the added responsibilities and advanced (technological) requirements of SEO professionals it should be no wonder why they are now not only in more demand but also paid more generously. After all, dealing with coding, scripting, and other object-oriented elements of a website is not for the faint-hearted.

Although finding an SEO expert may seem “easier” in today’s market, it should by no means be underestimated, or such professionals have taken for granted. Now, businesses and major websites face the challenge of filtering through “old school” SEO experts and the new, as a combination of experience and knowledge is critical to a profitable, manageable website and business.

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