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Let No SEO Opportunity Slip By For Your Client

SEOLet No SEO Opportunity Slip By For Your Client is so complex nowadays that it seems that only some mad scientist can figure it all out. In truth it is complicated to the point of overwhelm which is why SEO professionals are so sought after and bring in such good incomes. It’s tough work with a massive amount of research involved as well as technological expertise regarding software and algorithms, market trends, search engine changes, social trends, and dozens of more parameters. That being the case, the SEO prop cannot afford to miss any opportunity at hand and it might sound greedy, but those are the real deal facts.

Today’s competitive SEO world calls for the SEO pro to be on their toes 24/7. Missing just one email or a post on a website or even a Tweet could spell doom for an SEO company and its clients campaigns. SEO isn’t a one shot deal, it’s a long process that calls for expertise on multiple levels and constant vigilance. SEO pros have to not only interpret what a client wants, and then transform it into an optimized website, but sometimes has to build the website itself. Then there’s social media. Social media and mobile have just dominated the SEO scene. It calls for upgrading old sites to accommodate the various formats and then tying up any of a thousand loose ends that might compromise the SEO campaign. All the while the software companies and search engines are upgrading their software and services sometimes calling for an entire overhaul of a campaign and that takes time and money.

As the SEO pro you should be aware of these issues sand be ready to take on any challenges put forth. If a client doesn’t understand what you’re doing, then you must make the time to educate them each and every step of the way. This way they’ll be aware and not surprised. Their input is valuable as well because the links to their sites, reviews, opinions, social media posts will all have to be monitored for accuracy. The Client will have to take responsibility to make sure their contact data is correct wherever they post for purposes of SEO and Local SEO. If any sites linking to the client site or mentioning it in a review. Here’s where the hard work and hunting start and is not for the faint of heart. The SEO pro has to search keywords and find any mention of your site and make sure the data is accurate regarding niche, keywords, contact in for, and more. Just one error could cost you lots of money as traffic and attention regarding your site will wane off.

The SEO pro has to scour social media too. It can be tough but it’s doable. When people are chatting it up about you on Facebook, you want them to know where to find you and what your deals and specials are. Keep a sharp weather eye out for that customer who is really chatting it up on the web about your client. If it’s favorable, do not miss the opportunity to exploit it. If it’s negative, fix it. That kind of dialogue showing that the client has a competent and reputable staff willing and able to resolve problems goes a very long way and shuts up naysayers.

Overall, this is about you and your client services each other. You’re working in their best interest with the tools, technologies, and talent available to you and applying all just right leads to right results.

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