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Getting Clients To See The Value Of Local SEO

Getting Clients To See The Value Of Local SEOl SEOSEO just doesn’t call for a magic bullet to get rankings high. The client has to pitch in themselves in order to have a successful campaign. What does this mean? It means you’ll have to team up with your client and ask them to be prepared to do the best job on their end so you can do the best job on your end.

Clients in SEO make this one critical error. They feel like they’re so important they’ve not the time nor effort to participate in their own well being. SEO companies make this mistake too. They’re so hungry for that client dollar that they’ll let clients push them around. It doesn’t work that way anymore. You need to put that foot down and make sure they’re willing to take an active part in their own edification of you need to walk away. Why? Because the client, if they really want to see results, needs to do some local SEO strategies. You must let the client know from the start that their participation is required for today’s local SEO campaign to be successful. This may seem tough, but if you plan it right, it can be fun, rewarding, and more!

Your job as an SEO pro is to build the platform, the foundation on which the client’s various SEO campaigns are built on. You know the math, the algorithms, the science behind the scenes. You have to keep on top of the latest technologies and algorithm changes, your job starts way before the client even walks in the door. The client must be made aware of this as well as how much they’ll be required to do.

If their website is screwed up, they’ll have to optimize it. They’ll have to do some copywriting and pic and video taking. Perhaps even some graphics and cartoons if they can afford them. Cartoons are a top premium because finding a cartoonist who is worth their salt for a good price is next to impossible. So you’ll have to make do with the traditional approaches and here’s where the fun begins.

Make sure your client realizes that their keywords for their business are primary, however, there is a plethora of other keywords that can be integrated into the content that will make local SEO pop and sizzle and that’s exactly what you want. For example, if your site focuses on air conditioning, you must name the place and location of your business. Name also local landmarks and popular public events. It’s relatively easy and fun. For example, if you have a popular sports team nearby like the Baltimore Orioles, Make sure there’s a link ‘to’ their site and also make a fan page to them ‘on’ your site. Get people to chat it up about the team, especially on social media and don’t hesitate to add your two cents along the way. Never get into a fight, but keep smiling and keep posting. Make your posts funny and lighthearted. Also get exclusive pics next time you go to the stadium even if there’s no game going on.

Add a bistro or two. Say you and your staff go to ‘Joe’s Hot Dog Stand’ which is a block from the stadium for lunch. Each of you pose for pics with tags designating who does what at the shop and the goodies Joe has on his menu. There are variations on a them that just don’t end and this is all part of local SEO and SEO overall.

It does take some work, but working together, both sides benefit and the client gets to get a peek at the hard work you do when they’re asleep.

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