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More Value With Social Media Marketing

TMore Value With Social Media Marketingghere’s no secret that social media marketing has had a profound impact on SEO. Prior to the advent of social media, marketers relied on keywords and linkbuilding. Nowadays, social media is an integral and essential part of SEO campaigns and we’ll look at this area in detail.

Social media marketing is massive. It’s become one of the largest global communications systems today. Every nook and cranny of society on a worldwide basis has social media as part of its infrastructure. Even the poorest villages and highest wealthy societies take part in social media. It’s now a major part of our lives and when it comes to SEO, you had best have a social media campaign going or you’ll be left in the dust.

First off is the creation of your social media presence. This is a multi-layered process depending on which social media network you choose. It’s best to choose all the top ones like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram. The reason being as they’re all interchangeable with one posting on one network being able to post to all. You want to get that broad and precise presence so you’ll get that targeted organic traffic and not just mush that burns up your servers.

Make sure you know the rules and terms of service of every one of these networks. It is imperative that you not break the rules and get banned or you’ll be in a situation that you may not be able to remedy. Once you’ve gotten the rules down pat, look around at what others are doing with these social networks and how they benefit their SEO campaigns.
Visit their pages and you have to opportunity to join, like, and follow them. See how many times they post about their products with links. Look at which posts get the best commentary and why. Don’t just slap up spammy links on your accounts or they’ll be seen as that and you’ll get penalized. Instead, make posts, creative and engaging posts that gets people to like, share, and comment. If you’re a good writer, take advantage of that. Pics, videos, cartoons, with your URL in them that are entertaining can work wonders especially if they go viral. For example, if you have a plumbing company, look for ‘funny plumbing’ videos on YouTube, post them on your Facebook page for others to see and share. You can make your own videos with a YouTube account. Don’t underestimate YouTube, it’s a combination social network and search engine of immense proportions owned by Google.
When setting up accounts on Facebook, make your primary site and then make new pages. If you’re a plumber, you would have your company’s page. You would then make related pages like, ‘plumbing help in Smithtown, USA’. Notice the locational data in the title? That’s striking two great SEO targets in one. SEO and Local SEO. Leave no stone unturned. Take advantage of everything and this will give you a greater advantage.

Think of social media marketing and SEO as a way to make friends who are also customers. You’re building a global network of people interested in you, your products and services. Always be friendly, avoid fights at all costs and keep on building.

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