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You Can’t Deny SEP Via Mobile SEO

You Can't Deny SEP Via Mobile SEOIf you’ve not gotten your Mobile SEO game on, you had better catch up quick. Your SEP depends on it. Search Engine Position is established due to several factors but your Mobile SEO campaign is now, one of the most essential things you can do.

No matter how many times it has been repeated, Mobile SEO has changed the face of SEO. Those that have neglected it have seen the error of their ways and by then it can be too late to gain the high ground or even make an equitable dent in their SEP.

First on the plate is that mobile devices have now eclipsed any desktop or laptop out there. Laptops and desktops are going for prices so low some dealers should just drop them. Each 3 months, newer technologies allow for smartphones and tablets to be more powerful and provide more features. People like their convenience as they normally only want to use the web for communicating and shopping, playing music, watching videos and playing video games. Mobile SEO takes advantage of this by catering to every area of mobile that they can find. Adding new features, apps, etc., means that searches for and via mobile are racking up on the search engines and pulling more people in.

A mobile friendly site has to be fine tuned. Your standard, run-of-the-mill site just won’t cut it. You’ve got to upgrade and do so fast.

There are tons of tools available, many for free that help webmasters and marketers to to develop and get the great results they need for making a site mobile friendly. There are chat rooms, message boards, social media sites and posts with people willing to help. Do some searching and see what pops up.

Now, let’s get blunt here about the latest reason why you need to be mobile friendly. It’s called ‘voice search’. People don’t want to use cumbersome keyboards and pads. They’re lazy. They would rather just ask the phone or tablet to do the work for them, and in today’s high tech game, they do.

Voice allows for hands free operation of a tablet or smartphone and then the ability to also operate remote systems like household appliances, office equipment, even home security systems. As these voice searches and operations expand in efficiency, the keypad is going the way of the floppy disk. Your site has to have references to being voice search friendly and including this data should easily affect your SEP rankings considerably.

When search engines see that your site is both mobile friendly and voice search friendly, you should rank higher and then have the high ground. You’ll need to keep up on the latest trends and technologies regarding both, but that comes with the territory.

Pretty soon, Mobile SEO and Voice Search SEO are going to become the norm. You need to not only be familiar with them but also spot-on regarding the application of them. Your primary SEO campaign foundation such as copy, links, keywords, design, are all your fundamental SEO venues, but you can bet your best dollar that Mobile SEO, Voice Search SEO, will become the standard.

The future of your SEP results are going to depend on such things so get going right away.

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