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Preparing The Small Businesses For Hurricane Season

Preparing The Small Businesses For Hurricane SeasonThere is a possibility that your business lies in the path of a hurricane and you are required to act fast for protecting the small business. You must protect your employees and the property by being ready for the hurricane season. There are some useful steps you can follow that will go a long way in keeping your employees safe and reducing the damage to your business.

Preparing your business for the hurricane season

Keep a close eye on the forecasts to be aware of when to take action. Make sure that the contact list of the employees is up to date. Secure all windows and doors protecting them against debris. Clean up all the catch basins and drains. Check out all the sump pumps. Also, ensure that all the above the ground tanks are anchored and filled with water so that they will stay in their place at the time of the storm. Fill up the fuel tanks of the emergency generator and fire the pumps. Fill up the fuel tanks of the vehicles as well. Verify whether the fire protection equipment is in working order.

Ensure that all your significant records are well-protected. You can make duplicates and then move them away from the websites to a safe area. Shut off the piping that carries flammable liquid or gas to be prepared in the event there is breakage during the hurricane season. Shut down all the processes and remember to turn off the electric supply for the equipment that is not critical. Evacuate employees.

Keep in mind to tie down the sheds, and other out of the building structures that may not withstand high wind. Move inside the items that may get blown away in the powerful wind. Items such as benches, yard storage, plant urns, chairs, and potted flowers could become part of flying debris. This can cause substantial damage at the time of the hurricane.

Recovery after the storm

After the storm has died down you can use the employee’s list to ensure that everyone is safe and secured. Prepare a qualified recovery team that will help you get the small business back to its feet. This recovery team must include personnel that is qualified in the repair of mechanical, electrical, fire protection, and plumbing systems. You will also need general maintenance personnel for cleaning up. The leader of this recovery team must be able to assess the damage and prepare an action plan for things such as,

  • Structural damage to the building.
  • Safety hazards such as exposed electrical wires, leaking gas, or downed power lines.
  • Damaged fire protection systems and alarms.
  • Crucial production equipment and stock necessary to resume production.
  • Completing the temporary repairs so that the building is accessed safely.

The safety team must take precautionary measures for welding or cutting including hot permit systems like those used in NFPA 51-B. Assess and prioritize the damaged content to check out what may be salvaged. Remove all the unnecessary ignition sources and add “No Smoking” regulations. Have procedures for the removal of collected debris as a result of the hurricane. Repair all the holes and damaged building walls. Take pictures or videos of the damage.

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