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Important Strategies For Improving Your Facebook Video Marketing

Important Strategies For Improving Your Facebook Video MarketingAlthough Facebook has always been a visual medium, it’s not transitioning from photos to videos. This is why marketers are saying that if you want to take your Facebook marketing up a notch, you should get involved with Facebook video marketing. Studies show that 1% of 2018’s top 500 Facebook posts were videos and these generate about 59% more engagement than any other type of post found there. Of course, you’ll also find that some types of video work better than others. For instance, Facebook Live has about 10 times a greater reach and earns about 6 times more interactions than videos that were recorded than posted there. With these factors in mind, here are a few other things you can do to benefit here.

Make Videos 15 – 90 Seconds Long

Engagement level is proven to drop sharply after 90 seconds. This is why you should strive for 15 seconds. Exceptions to this rule occur when the content is truly something worth watching (e.g. Lady Gaga’s NFL halftime show).

Make Your Point Immediately

To drive awareness and sales through your Facebook video marketing you must grab your viewers’ attention within the first 5 seconds. The best way to do this is with an opening synopsis that tells your viewers what they will learn if they watch your video. Make sure that this is both clear and concise yet leaves viewers wanting more.

Include an Eye-Catching Thumbnail

When you want to get people’s attention on Facebook, it’s the little things that matter the most. For instance, the thumbnail image that you use in your Facebook video marketing can change your cost per action (CPA) by up to two times, which could equate to as much as $25. This is why it’s important to choose the most engaging photo or graphic you have available. If you choose the wrong image, you could really jeopardize your campaign’s outcome, which is why you shouldn’t overlook this step.

Use Vertical Videos Instead of Square Ones

Other research studies have shown that vertical videos outperform square videos when used in Facebook video marketing. The reason for this is that vertical video is more mobile friendly. Of course, we all realize that mobile search is rapidly growing today, but what we may not realize is that it’s already more popular than desktop search and so it requires special attention now if you want to be successful as an online business. There is one more thing that you should also remember when it comes to Facebook marketing though: The messenger home feed will only support videos that are in landscape format. This is why you should still put up a variety of different video formats.

Add Captions to Your Content

You should know that about 85% of people who watch Facebook videos do so with their sound turned off. This has been a great equalizer for people who are deaf because now captioning is growing in popularity and also giving them equal access to your content. Since Facebook realizes the importance of this, they offer marketers various tools to help them caption their videos.

Mix up Your Video Content to Hold Your Viewers’ Interest

You have a wide variety of options when you’re creating video for delivering your brand’s message, including live videos, tutorials, and informational videos. These can be created by you or your users. Finding which of these will work best for you when it comes to Facebook video marketing will depend solely upon the members of your audience and their preferences.

With so much to know and do when it comes to Facebook video marketing, you’ll want to make sure you have a guru on your side. This is why you should hire the ISEOU Company to manage your Facebook video campaigns for you.

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