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Do’s And Don’ts Of Local SEO

 Do's And Don'ts Of Local SEOLocal SEO has proven itself to be a valuable application of the SEO technologies and techniques. Careful planning and proven results show the effectiveness of when professional SEO engineers work hand in hand with their clients. That’s all good news but too many clients don’t pay attention to Local SEO tips and techniques, even when it’s spelled out for them. They’ll go for the cheap, hack out content, use Black Hat SEO and worse, just damaging their chances at success and then finally, in an act of desperation, they run right back to the professional SEO engineer to rescue them.

It’s stupid. It’s inevitable. It happens all the time.

Why do clients do things that are detrimental to their bottom line? It’s because of their mindset of making fast money instead of SEO Pros are then left to repair damaged SEO and online reputations when all could have been avoided had clients used simple ethics and honorable standards. This is especially important regarding Local SEO. If you make mistakes with your Local SEO you might as well hand over traffic and money to your competitors. That doesn’t make sense in any way you look at it. Hence, we will look at some successful actions that lead to effective Local SEO.

The first thing is to make sure your site is up to snuff. Spelling and HTML are perfect and the load times fast. Next is to look at your content. You will need lots of updated content with your NAP (Name, Address, Phone number). Your copy, your photos, videos, need to focus on these to produce the best you can and that means quality, quality, quality.

With copy, you need to get Google’s attention. That means copy with around 1,200 words or more. This may seem like a lot but Google is trying to rid the web from spam and most spam sites won’t pay for 1,200 words because they’re cheap hustlers who are just trying to get a leg up on the competition. Be wary of a site that has small copy posts, they’re just trying to get your attention and business. You want a copy that is updated, easy to interact with and shareable on social networks. If you’re not getting social networking traffic you’re doing the whole thing wrong. Long, frequent copy, with social media interest. It means work. Put your tags and descriptions on everything. Play up your location whenever you a and then some more. Even offline tactics like flyers, cards, posters work.

Always update when you can. It shows you’re on the ball and that you’re willing to play now. This entices people to interact with you and try your services. If your site looks like someone cares, someone will care about you. Make your sites cross platform compliant as well. Having an active mobile site is mandatory and get those people to send in reviews to Google, Yelp, Twitter, Yost and the rest. Those links inbound will bring you into the limelight of what your campaign is.

Don’t forget the power of polling. Ask your surfers what is going on with them and your service. Get them to debate, argue, whatever on the merits of the site, Once you’ve gotten a solid grasp on what Local SEO is and can perform, you’ll quickly be able to apply other strategies and technologies.Don’t stop there. There’s still some fight left in your website, to quit too soon would cost you too

Don’t stop there. There’s still some fight left in your website, to quit too soon would cost you to the much-lost ground. Ask local celebs and people of note to pose for pics and videos that you can market into cross-platform content. We’re talking about a long term commitment here so buckle up.

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