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Using The Right Tools With Google Analytics To Boost Your Marketing Goals

Using The Right Tools With Google Analytics To Boost Your Marketing GoalsNowadays, SEO marketers had better have their A Game on regarding Google Analytics and other statistics gathering software. It can be the difference between success and failure.

SEO of a site means careful planning and execution. The short and long term benefits of finely tuned SEO means that the money and tie invested should bring about a ROI of considerable benefit. It takes time however and one shouldn’t just rush in but carefully plan and use the right tools such as Google Analytics. Google Analytics helps the webmaster analyze traffic and keywords that bring surfers in and populates the pages higher on the search engines.

The data gleaned from statistics is to be used for the short and long term. Things don’t happen overnight regarding search engine supremacy but with care and proper analysis you can get the high ground. That being said, there are ways to improve your tactics and get the best out of Google Analytics and other associated programs, plugins, and software.

Many smart marketers use WordPress. It’s an essential tool for websites and especially blogs. This software is perfect for adding Goggle Analytics and there are several easy to install options and ways to even optimize both products much to your benefit. In today’s SEO marketing world, WordPress without Google Analytics is alike a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without the peanut butter and jelly.

There are several other analytics programs out there like Goggle Analytics and it would be a good suggestion to use all the top performing ones in tandem with Goggle Analytics. It calls for more study but you’ll get multiple reports you can peruse to see any problems and any benefits you can exploit. If things are too confusing then use a program called Cyfe that helps to visualize all the analytics data you’ve collected from your multiple analytics software.

Next you should also utilize social and website engagement linking. Software tools such as Oktopost, Buffer, and Hootsuite publish your site info via updates to your social media networks. Link them to Google Analytics for more benefits.

Email marketing and checking to see if Google updates are helping or hurting your site are also recommended. Email marketing is a tried and true technique and an essential part of any campaign. Having an email responder such as MailChimp or Get Response allows you to team the up with Google Analytics to further examine website traffic and exploit any goodies you can find. Easy to install and apply your Google Analytics codes and get that real time data. Google updates are more frequent now and more powerful. Using their proprietary software such as Panda and Penguin, Google is weeding out the scammer marketers who clog up the search engines with unscrupulous and unnecessary content. This gives the honest SEO marketer a chance to win by just building pertinent sites and content and using opportunities that Google Analytics offers.

There are lots of ways to improve your use of Google Analytics and doing so will greatly enhance your chances of success.

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