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The Importance Of Local SEO And Its Use

The Importance Of Local SEO And Its UseAnyone underestimating the power of local SEO is in for a rude awakening.  If you’ve found your sites and content on the low end of the search engine pages it’s likely because you’re not using SEO properly and specifically local SEO.

Putting Things Into Perspective

To put things into perspective so that you’ll know why local SEO is important, let’s look at the way people search for what they want.  People will go to their favorite search engine and type in what they want as well as the city or location they’re in.  The reasons for f this are quite simple and apparent.  They’re looking for convenience.  They want to get or have delivered what they want without depending on some great distance to do so.  Some like to go to a business and shop around while others are looking to save money.  If your business website doesn’t have its location and other contact data in the right and prominent positions on your web pages then no one is going to find you.  They’ll see your competition’s websites first and chances are you’ll never get into the spotlight.  Your pages must contain the name, phone, address, and so should all your content.


Where you place your information regarding your local on your site is important as well.  It allows for search engines that crawl your page for relevant information an easy task.  The search engines will look for where you’ve placed your information and how you’ve placed it.  Be cautious here in that if it looks spammy you’ll get the Google boot.  Be sure to make your content relevant and creative.

Type Of Content Makes Local SEO Work

With all sites, you’ll have a variety of content, mainly copy, pics, and videos.  This type of content can easily be tagged with your information especially if you’ve been connected to far ends of your community.  The copy and videos and pictures should connect your business with high searched activities in your area.  This can range from holiday events to historical and entertainment.  You’ll be able to connect your site to these events and when the public is searching for these events your site should pop up prominently.  This is where social media and local SEO comes in.

Social Media And Local SEO

Once you’ve got the public seeing your site via other searches, you’ll want them to connect to your social media accounts.  Having Facebook pages and other such venues, you should be regularly chatting it up with locals and make friends.  Always be courteous and supportive and offer discounts and goodies whenever you can.  These people should then discuss your business and build up a reservoir of inbound links to your site as well as valuable backlinks.  Satisfied customers should be encouraged to put up links to their websites and social media pages as this action will bring in ever increasing valuable organic traffic.

There are many variations on this theme and a bit of research and ingenuity should serve you well.

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